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Currently, the game is only available to people connecting with Japanese IP addresses. Thus this page guides new users on how to bypass this restriction.

Currently, there are two options to connect to the game: cookie method and VPN. Cookie method is recommended, please try using it first.

Option 1: Cookie Method

To ensure that region restricted pages are accessed only from Japan DMM is using an IP check to set a region flag in its cookies. Then, the flag is used to check if a region restricted page can be accessed, after which it is updated based on the IP address. Thus it is possible to bypass the restrictions by changing the flag right before loading those pages.

Using Viewers and Browser Extensions

The following tools automatically override necessary cookies when needed.

  • Poi viewer can be used to play the game, make sure to enable cookie editing in settings.
  • If you want to browse other DMM games, and not just play KanColle, on Chrome you can use one of the following extensions:
    • KC3Kai viewer, the cookie setting should be enabled.
    • Specialized extension consisting of few lines of code.
    • Note that some games are using IP block, so those extensions will not work for them.

Manual Access

The following manual method can be used to access KanColle:

  • Log into if not logged in already, choose an interface language if asked. Make sure the page is fully loaded once you logged in.
  • Open the developer tools.
  • Copy-paste the following code into the console:
    document.cookie='ckcy=1;expires=Thu, 16-Jan-2020 00:00:00 GMT;path=/netgame;'
  • Execute it by pressing Enter key or Ctrl + Enter for IE.
  • Then use the address bar or a bookmark to go directly to the KanColle play page.


  • You do not need to download or install any third-party software just to access the game.
  • You will have access until you specifically clear your browser cookies.
  • It is fast since you'll be using your direct internet connection.


  • Does not work (or does not work as well as other options) for some users due to their ISP. If that is the case, other options should be used.


  • "A network error has occurred, please hit the refresh button in your browser."
  • DMM error area, cookie issue.
  • Game/site is on maintenance.
  • An error has occurred.
  • You are banned.

See main article: Tutorial: Troubleshooting

  • Have you cleared your cache? Try doing everything again in Incognito.
  • Have you tried logging out of DMM, cleared your cookies, log back into DMM and redid your region cookies?
  • Have you tried checking other sites, especially Japanese sites? Maybe the problem comes from your internet connection.
  • Were you using viewers? Try logging in normally with your browser.
  • Were you banned? Login on DMM and see a black error message (refer to the gallery - last image)
  • Is your computer clock correct? Have you tried switching to Japanese timezone?
    • Many reports stemming from error screen are related to the clock set in your computer. Make sure to synchronize your time with a time server or manually force a synchronization.
    • The use of Japanese timezone is not a mandatory factor; however, it may be able to help resolve your issues. The use of Japanese timezone is generally more strict at the registration/server selection screen or around game maintenance (i.e. moments before and after the game maintenance).

Mobile Gameplay

Mobile gameplay is only supported on the official KanColle Android app at the moment. Use of other means to play Kancolle on mobile devices is highly discouraged, will not receive support if things go wrong, and may result in bans.

Commenting Reminders for NEW Threads

Before posting your question make sure that you have read this page first, understood and are able to ask smart questions. Please do not post a new thread without being able to provide a detailed and verifiable issue.