I know that there are wrong rumors, and I also saw and shook my head about that ninja patch thing (but well, editing is locked in the event section, right? So it was probably someone from the admin team who put it there, I guess. My guess would be that it was Death Usagi, cuz she jumps a lot to conclusions that sound right to her, but that's now really just a guess).

That's why I said that rumors could be tagged clearly as 'rumor' or just have a small rumor section for each page (the comment section is too messy for that). I mean, this rumor is also in the 'acceptable' range, since using lower-level ships on 1-4 doesn't harm you at all. If anything, it's a change from what one was doing before that, which is kinda nice in those "trying nonstop" situations with the increasing saltmeter. But yeah, I admit that it was wrong of me to put in there without any source. From the japanese wiki comments I could only pick up that for many, the lower route seemed much more probable than 1/3.

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