Zel-melon wrote:
It's kinda an "auto" thing with the temporary block.

For replay:

  • Open Strategy Room KC3Kai
  • Go to "Events" or "Maps". Click the number beside the map
  • A replay will be downloaded
  • Upload it somewhere (e.g. Imgur)

Here's how to show a replay:

Yah I got it sadly the set of runs that made me lose it were on my phone so not recorded, that said I have another problem, looking back there I saw i had a fleet that made it to the boss semi-consistantly. But it costs a ton of resources i don't have. Which means eitheir I roll the dice less and hope for Iowa, or I run the gambit for less. here is the replay of one of the S-rank runs i made with the resource-heavy consistant fleet. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear it. Replay (do note the carrier kill at the boss with LBAS was not required for AS).

Here is my fleet and equipment as well.
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