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    16:14, March 12, 2015
    1. New Remodels
      • Myoukou Kai2 at lv70
        • Requires Ammunition 800 and Steel 900 to upgrade
        • New voice lines will be implemented at a later date
    2. New Quests
    3. New Furniture and re-sales
      • Window with repellent incense
      • Pre-summer set
      • Warship color wallpaper
      • Bookshelf
      • Admiral writing desk
      • Manuscript work desk
      • Camouflaged doctrine wall scroll (furniture fairy)
      • Resort Set (furniture fairy)
      • Tanabata window (free)
      • Re-sale: Green Harmony Wallpaper
      • Re-sale: Air Defence Manufacturing Window (furniture fairy)
      • Re-sale: Residential Pool (furniture fairy)
    4. New interactive type of Furniture that respond to touch have been implemented
      • Guardian goddess window (furniture fairy)
      • Grandfather clock
    5. Anti-torpedo Bulge (Large) is now craftable.
    6. Musashi is now buildable via Large Ship Construction
    7. Bug Fixes
      • Type 98 Recon Seaplane (Night Scout) will now properly function during night-only battles.
      • Akitsu Maru Kai banner in the supply tab will now properly show the Kai logo on the right.
      • Visual fixes to the text displayed during night time attacks.
      • Visual fixes to the Spotting Attack that happens in day time battle.
      • Various fixes to the sound effects that play when remodelling a ship.
    Ship Remodel
    軍艦色の壁 Warship-colored Wall 900 coins
    「迷彩主義」掛け軸 Disguise Doctrine Hanging Scroll 2,200 coins +Fairy
    大きな古時計 Grandfather Clock 30,000 coins
    提督の書斎机 Admiral's Library Desk 1,900 coins
    原稿机 Manuscript Desk 25,000 coins
    七夕飾りの窓 Tanabata Window FREE
    蚊取り線香の窓 Mosquito Coil Window 1,700 coins
    鎮守府風鈴 Wind chimes 5,000 coins
    夏先取りセット Summer Preparation Set 800 coins
    リゾートセット Resort Set 2,000 coins +Fairy
    書斎本棚 Library Bookshelves 1,900 coins
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