• Gensui Hime
    Gensui Hime closed this thread because:
    16:13, March 12, 2015
    1. UI addition
      • "Remove all equip" button, available in the remodeling menu.
      • "Recall expedition" button, available in the expedition menu by clicking on the corresponding expedition to recall.
    2. One new Kai2 (no blueprints required)
    3. New ship
      • Submarine tender Taigei
        • Can be converted into the Light Aircraft Carrier Ryuuhou by using 1 blueprint
        • Drops from all Special Operation Maps and World 3+ Boss nodes S Rank (Unconfirmed, but she drops from 2-5, 5-2 and 5-4).
    4. New quests
      • Assemble the newly formed "2nd CarDiv"
      • Sortie the "2nd CarDiv"
      • Airplane type conversion
      • Assemble the "6th Sub Fleet"
      • Engage the Blue Waters Submarine Operation
      • Extended Blue Waters Submarine Operation
    5. New equipment
    6. New BGM
      • "Hiryuu's counterattack", available in map 2-4, 3-4, 4-4 and 5-2.
    7. Voice addition
      • Shouhou Kai received new supply, sortie and marriage lines.
    8. Bug fixes
      • Expedition menu now shows the fleet name
      • When sending out an Expedition the selected fleet flagship sortie line will play
      • Various Ranking display bug fixes
      • When modernizing luck the correct value will be displayed
      • Naka Kai resupply line changed
      • Haguro Kai2 marriage scene sprite fixed
    9. New expedition
      • Blue Waters Submarine Operation
        • This expedition requires a Submarine Tender, Taigei, and 4 Submarines
    10. Headquarters level cap increased to lv120
    11. Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium) is now available via crafting
    12. Urakaze drop rate increased, availability extended to normal maps.
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