• Yo

    So seems half of Desron 16 are the most advantages historical destroyers of E7, is it Amatsukazes time to tackle hard? >:D

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    • I believe so. Sadly this event I have only 30k ammo and moving in less then two weeks. So only farming E2 for Sara (last quest line Kanmusu) I need her. I look forward to hear of your success!!!

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    • haha don't expect too much of me I'm only around that same level of ammo, unfortunatly I was on break for several months due to the foriegn blocade thing, but then I finally caved in and got KCCacheProxy working, so my Amatsu and Tokitsu where still lvl 10 at the start of event, I'm training them in PVP now, but I doubt they wil be high enough in time :|

      I hope you get Sara, alternatively you could farm for Kamoi to use for LSC to get Sara, thats how I got her, hope everything goes well with the moving too!

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    • 72 runs for Jingles, and 26? For Sara. Got a Duck and a dupe of her in the process. With the Submarine reward in hand. This event is over for me. Though at E4 at the moment. Hornet would be a nice prize. But not worrying about. Hows your hunt going?

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    • You got'em both, nice! Grats, people have been struggling with finding new submom and Sara too thats awesome, not an easy one to get. I'm starting to feel that maybe Jingels isn't worth it to me, I'd rather try to get Graf or Ark Royal, maybe Ariake cause shes cute.

      I got Tashkent early who was the main ship for me this event and also got black cat ducky who I also wanted a lot. I like Nisshin and she would also be super useful, but that drop rate seems unlikely(1,7%), think I'll focus on getting white ducky and once the FF of E6 comes I'll do farming there for brown ducky. I have been leveling Amatsu and Tokitsu tho, they are now both nearing lvl 50, I think that could be useable for E7. I have been going easy/casual on maps after E2, but I did E6 on medium just cause I wanted to try E7 on hard even if it's not gonna work.

      she wants you to rescue her (if you have time :P)

      BTW, someone said that the event might last to mid August so you could maybe still have time, maybe hehe. I think the EO's could go pretty fast on casual where you don't have to plan your fleets carefully, just throw some together! :D

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    • nice. will be moving this week so my time is between runs and packing

      Keep me up to date how your runs go. I am at part two on E4

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