• Has things been well? How did you fair last event? My results were pretty good.
    Kancolle Fall 2019 Event Results
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    • Oh! Awesome, you made it. I wanted to ask, but didn't see you around the comment section so thought maybe you where bussy with something else. Grats for clearing, I managed it as well, the long length was helpfull, was able to lvl up some historical ships during the event. You got De Ruyter and Akishoma as well, nice, I like most of the new ships. Seems like Atlanta is the fan favorite tho.

      You got I-13!!!!!!! :O Damn that's lucky :D You are the envy of many there. I cleared that map on Hard unfortunatly so I couldn't get farm runs going :( And Amagi too nice, I got 3 of her while farming for De Ruyter, she played hard to get, but thanks to that I got some ships I wanted, Sagiri and Minegumo. As well as a bunch of Tokitsukaze and 4 extra Amatsukaze >_<.

      Are you keeping your extra Amatsukaze? :D I actually already leveled all the 4 extras to 20 cause she has some nice items on remodel, I also got an extra Akitsu Maru, lvling her too in case it might be useful to have extra of her items. Are you keeping Atago this time? :) That DE Ishigaki is so adorable, but her personality is a bit cold isn't it. Kawakaze is pretty cool/useful in her Kai Ni and apparently she is Poi's little sister. Do you have a favorite among the Kamikaze Destroyers? Matsukaze was my second favorite so I'm glad to have gotten her too.


      Some of them are extras or from the prior fishing mini-event. Forgot to put Nowaki in lol.

      I was lucky with lots of drops on the earlier maps, I guess you also was a bit dissapointed with the drops on the later maps, no BB's X_X

      Some would say I was super lucky to get Sara, but I already had her, so don't know if that increased my drop rate on her maybe, but Unryuu prob was pretty lucky tho. Yeah got a bunch so very happy.

      Now I'm taking it easy, just logging in for PVP fights and some bucket farming.

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    • Glad to hear your event went well. It's the continual lack of resources that keep my event level to easy. I believe I will have to casual and not farm the next three events just to medium level the fourth one. As for my Wave-fu, I now have two extra Amatsukaze. So will keep them for her future Kai Ni someday I hope. Kawakaze was needed for quest chain. Which farming her took up most of the event. Which kept me from farming for Sara. Who is currently the only one I still lack. I wish you luck for the next event. Will you try for the Ginga?

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    • Thank you, I wish you luck in your next event too. Yeah been doing the PVP quests for the Ginga, just got it :D, my first, hopefully should help a little next event. I need more of those ASW planes tho.

      Cool that your keeping the extra Amatsukaze :D and somewhat understandable, she's not exactly easy to come by, unlike my waifu Tenryuu who shows up all the time. I am actually lvling up my second Tenryuu now, in expeditions hehe, I really like her new outfit in Kai Ni, but that figure is just weird to look at sadly.

      Did you see the Shizuma's contribution to the official KC calendar?

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