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    Maintenance start date and time:25 October 2019 11:00:00
    Maintenance end date and time:25 October 2019 22:00:00


    General Changes

    • Asashimo KaiAsashimo Kai Banner and Asashimo Kai NiAsashimo Kai Ni Banner now have hourly voicelines.
    • The selection of Furniture available in the shop has changed.
    • The Anchorage Counter Bar's food selections have been changed to "Saury mode".
    • The Jukebox song order has been changed to highlight Saury-related bgm.
    • Saury, "Taste of Autumn", Fall Casual, and Halloween CGs have been implemented, among others.
    • Saury, "Taste of Autumn", Sardine, and Halloween voicelines have been implemented.
    • YuudachiYuudachi Banner has received a new Halloween CG.

    Asashimo Kai NiAsashimo Kai Ni Banner Remodel

    Naval District Saury & Sardine Festival

    • The Saury Festival has returned for 2019, but in a slightly different form - this year, one can fish for both Saury and Sardines.
    • Saury
      • Can be found in areas near the naval base and in northern waters.
      • Equipment that can be used to increase saury catches include:
        • A strong light source that illuminates the sea and spots schools of fish (SearchlightSearchlight 074 Card).
        • Equipment that can detect fish under the water (Active SonarsType 3 Active Sonar 047 Card).
        • Aircraft that can spot saury from the sky (SeaplanesType 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane 025 Card).
      • After collecting enough saury, they can be cooked into the following dishes:
        • Sashimi: For resources
        • Grilled: For materials
        • Kabayaki: For producing Canned SauryCanned Saury 150 Card
    • Sardines
      • Can be found in areas near the naval base.
      • Equipment that can be used to increase sardine catches include:
        • Equipment that can detect fish under the water (Active SonarsType 3 Active Sonar 047 Card).
        • Slow seaplanes that can support sardine fishing through use of nets (Ro.43?Ro.43 Reconnaissance Seaplane 163 Card).
      • Sortieing multiple Coastal Defense Ships with your fishing fleet can also improve sardine catches.
      • After collecting enough sardines, they can be cooked into the following dishes:
        • Sardine Sashimi
        • Sardine Balls
        • Sardine Sushi
    • The overfishing mechanic applies to both saury and sardines like in previous saury events. One can avoid overfishing by:
      • Refraining from using depth charges while fishing.
      • Not fishing within the same map for too long.
    • This event comes with 5 related quests:
    ID Requirements FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite Rewards Note
    SB47 秋刀魚漁:今年は不漁?でも…上々ね!
    Have 3 pieces of Saury in your inventory. 300 / 300 / 0 / 0 Choice between
    Furniture fairyFurniture Fairy x1
    Development material x5
    then choice between
    Type 3 Active Sonar 047 CardType 3 Active SonarType 3 Active Sonar 047 Card x2
    Searchlight 074 CardSearchlightSearchlight 074 Card x2
    Improvement Materials x3
    Requires: ??
    SB48 秋刀魚漁:今年は気分が高揚します!
    Have 8 pieces of Saury in your inventory. 800 / 800 / 0 / 0 Choice between
    Daihatsu Landing Craft 068 CardDaihatsu Landing CraftDaihatsu Landing Craft 068 Card x2
    12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher 051 Card12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher 051 Card x3
    Combat Ration 145 CardCombat RationCombat Ration 145 Card x4
    then choice between
    Item Card New Model Gun Mount Improvement MaterialNew Model Gun Mount Improvement MaterialItem Card New Model Gun Mount Improvement Material x2
    Item Card New Model Aerial Armament MaterialNew Model Aerial Armament MaterialItem Card New Model Aerial Armament Material x2
    Ryuusei Kai (CarDiv 1) 342 CardRyuusei Kai (CarDiv 1)Ryuusei Kai (CarDiv 1) 342 Card x1
    Requires: SB47
    SB49 秋刀魚漁:大漁旗、ここは…譲れません!
    Have 18 pieces of Saury in your inventory. 1800 / 1800 / 1800 / 0 Type 19 Fleet Fishery Banner
    then choice between
    Type144 147 ASDIC 261 CardType144/147 ASDICType144 147 ASDIC 261 Card
    Item Card Action ReportAction ReportItem Card Action Report x2
    Type 18 Fleet Fishery bannerType 18 Fleet Fishery Banner x1
    Requires: SB48
    SB50 【特別任務】大丈夫、鰯があるじゃない!
    Have 25 Sardines in your inventory. 1500 / 0 / 0 / 0 Choice between
    EtorofuEtorofu Banner
    MatsuwaMatsuwa Banner
    SadoSado Banner
    TsushimaTsushima Banner
    FukaeFukae Banner
    then choice between
    Type 2 Depth Charge 227 CardType 2 Depth ChargeType 2 Depth Charge 227 Card x2
    Reinforcement expansion 064 useitemReinforcement Expansion x1
    Improvement Materials x5
    Requires: SB47
    SB51 【特別任務】今年は鰯が豊漁なのです!
    Have 50 Sardines in your inventory. 3000 / 0 / 0 / 0 Choice between
    HiburiHiburi Banner
    DaitouDaitou Banner
    ShimushuShimushu Banner
    KunashiriKunashiri Banner
    AkashiAkashi Banner
    then choice between
    Remodel Blueprint Card x1
    Item Card Prototype Flight Deck CatapultPrototype Flight Deck CatapultItem Card Prototype Flight Deck Catapult x1
    Requires: SB50

    Limited-Time Drops

    Ship Statistic Increases

    Developer Tweets

    Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


    Greetings, admirals!
    The next KanColle server maintenance & update are slated for Friday next week. Sauries are scarce this year, but... we're still working on bringing them back in some shape or form. Meanwhile we're going to enjoy our Friday curry and replenish some energy as the week is coming to an end.



    Greetings, admirals!
    A huge thank you to all the admirals who visited Kure! The next KanColle server maintenance & update are slated for this Friday (25th October). Sauries are scarce this time around, but fret not! We got this!





    The autumn season's server maintenance & update are slated to begin tomorrow (25th October) at 11:00. The maintenance is planned to end at 22:00. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope for your cooperation.

    「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、明日【10/25(金) AM11:00】より、秋のメンテナンス&アップデートを実施予定です。メンテ完了時刻は、同日【22:00】を予定しています。提督の皆さん、お手数をお掛けします。ご協力、どうぞよろしくお願い致します!


    The KanColle servers will go offline for the large autumn season maintenance & update starting today at 11:00. We apologise for the inconvenience. We kindly ask you to close the game before the maintenance begins.



    Maintenance status: Servers are now down for the large autumn season maintenance & update!
    We have just entered the first phase of our work on the large KanColle server maintenance & update! We'll try to keep you posted on our progress.



    Maintenance status: Server maintenance & update in progress.
    The KanColle server maintenance & update are currently in progress. We're about to reach the halfway point of our work schedule. In the update that we're carrying out during this maintenance... (TBC)



    The Yūgumo-class destroyers were built as an improved design of the Kagerō-class and intended as the main force among the main force that were the fleet-type destroyers. Amidst a harsh and excruciating war during which all of them sank in the end, the last surviving Yūgumo-class destroyer sortied on a rescue mission to Okinawa together with the battleship "Yamato" and the light cruiser "Yahagi" without tending to her injuries. Said Yūgumo-class destroyer is receiving her second remodel!



    Maintenance status: Server maintenance & update in progress.
    The KanColle servers are currently undergoing a heavy autumn season maintenance & update. We have now passed the halfway point of our work schedule. Sauries are unfortunately rather scarce this year. But fret not! (TBC)



    Sauries are unfortunately rather scarce this year. But fret not! There are plenty of sardines in comparison! With that said, the time-limited "Naval Base Saury & Sardine Festival" is going to begin as soon as the maintenance & update are fini



    Maintenance status: Server maintenance & update in progress.
    The KanColle servers are currently undergoing a heavy autumn season maintenance & update. We're nearing the final phase of our work schedule. We're going to post the patch notes of today's update at around 21:30!


    Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


    We're now going to post the patch notes of the currently still ongoing October 25 server maintenance & update.
    01▼ Implementation of Yūgumo-class destroyer Asashimo's second remodel
    We're implementing Yūgumo-class destroyer Asashimo's further remodel, "Asashimo K2".
    ※ Said remodel requires an Action Report and a Blueprint among other things.



    02▼ Regarding remodelled Yūgumo-class destroyer Asashimo K2's unique traits
    Asashimo K2 is a powerful fleet-type destroyer that was improved further from the last Type-A destroyers that were the Yūgumo-class. As with several other pieces of equipment, it is possible to increase her combat prowess even further by equipping her with the "12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model D Kai Ni" as well as "61cm Quadruple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model", as is the case with all Yūgumo-class K2 ships.



    03▼ Implementation of Asashimo K2-exclusive voice lines!
    Asashimo sortied as part of the last DesRon 2 that was led by Yahagi in order to protect the battleship Yamato. We're adding K2-exclusive home port, sortie and damage voice lines.



    04▼ Implementation of hourly voice lines for Asashimo Kai & K2
    One after another the Yūgumo-class met an untimely end during the harsh war. Asashimo was the last one among her sisters to sink, yet she kept fighting until then. Together with her K2 we're also adding hourly voice lines for her Kai and K2 remodels!
    " Don't you dare forget us... you hear me!?"



    05▼ Furniture shop inventory update 1/2
    The furniture shop's inventory has been updated and is now featuring the following seasonal items among other things.
    ・ Naval Base Saury Festival
    ・ Saury Festival Wall
    ・ Saury Festival Floorboard
    ・ Deer Object d'Art
    ・ Stained Glass with Flower Decoration
    ・ Small Decorative Plant
    ・ Battleship Film Poster
    ・ Moonlit Sea Gramophone

    05▼【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新等 1/2


    06▼ Furniture shop inventory update 2/2
    ・ Saury Dining Table
    ・ Admiral's Home-made Dining Table
    ・ "Akagi" Model & Paulownia Cabinet
    ・ Aircraft Carrier Stained Glass
    ・ Japanese High-quality Late Autumn Window
    ・ 2019 Big-Catch Flag ※ Naval Base Saury & Sardine Festival
    ※ This autumn's new big-catch flag can be obtained the time-limited naval base saury & sardine festival that's starting today!

    06▼【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新等 2/2
    ・一九式大漁旗 ※鎮守府秋刀魚&鰯祭り


    07▼ Saury & sardine food update for the Naval Base Bar Counter!
    Our small yet important obsession, the naval base bar counter's food, has received a massive update with saury and sardine food!
    ※ It's an important piece of furniture that features booze and food.
    ※ It is available in the furniture shop.



    08▼ It's saury & sardine season! Let the festival begin!
    Sending your fleets to several saury fishing spots, but mainly the sea near the naval base as well as up north, destroying the patrolling enemy fleets, securing those spots and providing fishing support, you'll be able to catch fresh sauries!
    And then...!

    鎮守府海域、北方海域を中心とした秋刀魚漁の漁場となるいくつか海域では、艦隊を展開し遊弋する敵艦隊を撃破、同漁場の安全を確保、秋刀魚漁を支援することで、新鮮な旬の【秋刀魚】を獲得することが可能です! …そしてッ!


    09▼ Sauries are rather scarce this year... but fret not! We still have sardines!
    This year sauries are rather scarce, but don't worry! Sardines are plentiful in comparison! You can also provide sardine fishing support relatively close to base! By securing the sardine fishing spots and providing support there, you can also catch fresh and delicious sardines!



    10▼ Suitable saury fishing equipment
    There are several effective equipment and fleet setups for saury fishing. Furthermore, their effectiveness varies depending on the equipment combinations and amount.
    ・ a strong light source that illuminates the sea hoards schools of fish together
    ・ sonar equipment that can detect schools of fish
    ・ aircraft that can spot and support saury fishing spots from the sky



    11▼ Suitable sardine fishing equipment
    This year there are far more sardines than sauries, so catching them should be somewhat easier, but there are ways to provide even more effective fishing support.
    ・ sonar equipment that can detect schools of fish
    ・ slow seaplane squads that can spot schools of fish from the sky as well as catch them with fishing nets
    ・ several costal defence ships that suitable for fishing support



    12▼ Tips for saury & sardine fishing
    Excessive and continuous fishing of one particular sea area may hurt that area's resources and can lead to drastically reduced amounts of fish caught.
    ・ refrain from excessively overfishing a single area
    ・ avoid using depth charges as they destroy the ocean's natural resources
    ・ consider taking regular breaks from fishing in a particular area, or fishing in general



    13▼ Naval Base Saury Festival BGM & Naval Base Jukebox update!
    Certain maps are receiving time-limited fishing BGM.
    Furthermore, the naval base jukebox's track list has been updated with fishing music.
    ♪ "Naval Base Saury Festival K3"
    ♪ "Kanmusu Ondo"
    Have fun!



    14▼ Implementation of time-limited "Naval Base Saury & Sardine Festival" missions
    For the duration of the saury & sardine festival you can accept the following missions:
    - Saury Fishing: Fish are scarce this year? I can't complain though.
    - Saury Fishing: I'm getting excited this year!
    ※ You'll be able to obtain items and valuable equipment, and in the end the "2019 Big-Catch Flag"!



    15▼ Implementation of special "Naval Base Saury & Sardine Festival" missions!
    For the duration of the saury & sardine festival you can accept the following missions:
    - Special Mission: Don't worry, we still have sardines!
    - Special Mission: Sardines are plentiful this year!
    ※ These special missions reward you with a "Prototype Deck Catapult" among other things!



    16▼ What to do with caught sauries!
    You can turn the sauries you caught into resources, materials, or conserve them in cans by "cooking" them during the event. We advise you to cook them after clearing the Naval Base Saury & Sardine Festival missions but before the event ends.
    ・ Sashimi: Into resources!
    ・ Shioyaki: Into materials!
    ・ Kabayaki: Into canned food!



    17▼ You can also cook the sardines you caught!
    You can turn the sardines you caught resources, materials, equipment etc. by "cooking" them during the event. We advise you to cook them after clearing the Naval Base Saury & Sardine Festival missions but before the event ends.
    ・ Sardine sashimi: A staple!
    ・ Sardine fish ball: Yummy!
    ・ Sardine sushi: For the connoisseurs!



    18▼ Coastal defence ships are now time-limited drops!
    Coastal defence ships were an important ship type and built for fishing disputes up north and convoy escorts, but kept fighting until the bitter end. All coastal defence ships of the Shimushu-, Etorofu- and Hiburi-class as well as the Type-A destroyers Isokaze and Asashimo can now drop on certain maps for the duration of the Naval Base Saury & Sardine Festival!



    19▼ Ship girl stats adjustments 1/3
    The following ship girls' combat stats have been slightly increased:
    Sendai K2: Max Firepower +1
    Jintsū K2: Max Firepower +1
    Naka K2: Max Firepower +1
    Yura K2: Max Firepower +3
    Kinu K2: Max Firepower +2

    19▼艦娘の一部上方微修正 1/3


    20▼ Ship girl stats adjustments 2/3
    Including Chōkai, a heavy cruiser with a long service history that was sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf today more than 70 years ago, the following ship girls' stats have been slightly increased
    Chōkai K2: Max Firepower +1
    Fujinami Kai: Max AA +2
    Hatsuharu K2: Max Firepower +1

    20▼艦娘の一部上方微修正 2/3
    「藤波改」 【対空max】微修正


    21▼ Ship girl stats adjustments 3/3
    The combat stats of the following ship girls, who fought until the very end of that excruciating war, have been slightly increased:
    Ushio K2: Max Firepower +2, Max AA +2
    Shigure K2: Max Firepower +1, Max ASW
    Isuzu K2: Max Firepower +2, Max AA +

    21▼艦娘の一部上方微修正 3/3
    「潮改二」  【火力max】【対空max】微修正
    「時雨改二」 【火力max】【対潜max】微修正


    22▼ Implementation of "Saury", "Operation F", "A Taste of Autumn", "Autumn/Winter Casual Wear" CGs etc.!
    Autumn is still going strong, so once again we're adding the ship girls' "Saury", "Operation F", "A Taste of Autumn", "Autumn/Winter Casual Wear", "Oktoberfest" and many other CGs! We hope you enjoy this autumn with your girls!



    23▼ Implementation of "Saury", "A Taste of Autumn" and "Sardine" voice lines!
    We're also adding "Saury", "A Taste of Autumn", "Sardine" as well as "Halloween" voice lines among other things! The world is celebrating Halloween, but the naval base the Saury & Sardine Festival? Sure thing! But how about a little bit of Halloween anyway?



    24▼ Surprise implementation of Halloween CGs!
    The naval base is busy with the Saury & Sardine Festival, but what about, like, a lil' bit of Halloween? In addition to all previously available Halloween CGs Yūdachi (Kai/K2) is joining in on the fun, with corresponding voice lines!
    "Autumn is, like, grrr... right?


    Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Post-maintenance tweets



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