• Hey Snow, remember talking in the wikiChat last time I did an event, how is the event going for you this time around?

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    • Been well, You My event was good actually. I added these Kanmusu and some none ones not listed here for Quest chain. Your Event?

      Kantai Summer 2019 final
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    • That's good to hear, some nice additions indeed, I'm sure you'll love Warspite. Minazuki has really grown on me, her apperance is sort of a bit contrary to her personality, but that is true for several of the girls in the Mutsuki crew.

      Wish I had gotten Zara and Ark Royal, I'm jealous! :D Grats on getting Yuuchan, first or just a new one?

      I posted this in the comment section as well, but yeah it was a great event for me.

      It will take some time to repair my fleet and get my buckets up again tho.


      Mostly all my new ones.

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    • I know the feeling. That is my first U-chan. I also decided to keep more non event drops as I have the room to afford to do so. Oddly I have yet yo add Paka-Pan and her sister. Right now my final goal is to finish leveling the Kanmusu who have Landing craft as part of their Kai Ni. That leaves Ooshi, and Arashio. Then will focus on Shokoku for armored carrier. will level up Des-ron 16 for event DD's. I might try a run on ranking one month before the second season comes out and the servers get full of new folk. Don't be too upset I wasn't able to get the Swan till a year later. They will come. Your plans?

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    • As it happends I plan to focus on Des-ron 16 as well, finally they are gonna see some combat rather then just doing expeditions with Tenryuu. Not for any particular stratigic reason, but I recently finished lvl'ing the whole Mutsuki crew, so doing the rest of the moe girls now including Wakaba and Hatsushimo. I will likely also look into strengthening my anti-installation ships, this event was a rude awakening in that regard.

      I love Paka-Pan, her sister tho just looks a bit odd to me somehow. It was my first Yuuchan too, so happy!

      Oh right the second season is finaly coming, brave choise to swap out the main characters, but focusing on the Nishimura Fleet was basically some peoples dream come true. Are you hyped for it?

      I think I like all the others better hehe.

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    • If they have sub girls in it and more Amatsukaze. I will be happy. Will be interesting to see how they make this anime work. Over the light hearted and more deeply dark plot of the movie. As for my Des ron 16. Still far from event ready
      20190930 170240
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    • Sub girls in the anime would be awesome, I can sort of foresee that being difficult tho, as underwater scenes might create a whole new dimension of art and creative implamantation, it would be great tho.

      Google must have given me the wrong result, I thought you ment Desron6 :P They would perhaps not be that usefull for events hehe, Desron16 makes more sense. I got two of them this event and googles-chan(Yukikaze) is one of my favorites, but yet to get Amatsukaze. I feel bad for Shimakaze that I didn't try harder to get her, but maybe next time.

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