• Can we assemble a fleet of evil shipgirls is my question, come up with suggestions folks.

    Disclaimer: if you take offense to describing shipgirls in such a way, then I ask that you please overlook this thread, it's all meant as good fun.

    My first candidate is Akitsu Maru, as she is obviously an Abyssal spy and her lantern thing looks kinda ominous.

    My second candidate is Kikuzuki, her personality is kinda frightening and I feel like I'm doing something bad by lvling her up, she's gonna destroy the world one day or something.

    Maybe Tatsuta, she has that sadistic personality and Yamashiro, she behaves a bit like a witch, arguably even more so because of the miko clothes.

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    • Shoukaku.

      She is a *itch.

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    • It's open to personnal interpretation I think...

      I can build a fleet with Suzuki Toto's Yamakaze, any Ebiblue shipgirl, ArvinP30's Mikazuki, Ido's Meganes-girls and Tanaka Kusao's Shigure (I spare you you-know-who's Ooi and her LIGHT mind to do evil things :P)

      Kikuzuki is just a Chuunibyou, nothing to worry about~ But Fumizuki could take over the Multi-verse by converting everyone to her religion just with her smile, and there's nothing you can do about it. You will become a brainwashed Fumizuki worshipper * Evil laugh *

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    • Shoukaku, that gave me a good chukle Tennousu.

      Yeah anything goes Mystia Lorelei, those links where hilarious, Kirishima putting that brain to good use :D

      OMG I think your right, Fumizuki happens to be my highest lvled Mutsuki class destroyer and she's not even my favorite, how did this happen?! I must be brainwashed! You might be right about Kikuzuki too, maybe I overestimated her potential hehe. If Kikuzuki gets Kai Ni I would still be a bit concerned tho :D

      On the other hand, a seasonale outfit for Kiku could be fun, something like Yurine 's outfit from Dropkick.

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    • > how did this happen?!

      She hypnotized you !  More seriously she's a very good daihatsu-carrier for expeditions

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    • I.. am.. remembering... now... That is what happened O_O

      Must keep loving Fumizuki til the end of time, must buy rings.

      I'm actually in the process of lvling the whole Mutsuki crew, they are nearing an alright lvl now tho, so I might swith over to focusing on the rest of the moe girls in the Hatsuharu and Akatsuki classes. Fumi has been lucky tho or something as she has shot away in lvls despite me not having focused on her more then say Satsuki, so Satsuki must have been sitting in the docks a lot comperably. Or maybe I have just been brainwashed to always select Fumi first :D

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