• Some time ago, an update made it so that some specific dive-bomber planes can hit installations, and that info was noted in this wiki. However, it is removed now as so far as I can find. Does anyone have the full list of dive-bomber planes that can allow carriers to hit installations? I only recall that the Proto Nanzan and the Suisei (Group 634/With Cluster Bombs) are part of them. In addition, can a mod update the combat guide, installation, and equipment pages with those planes? Thanks in advance.

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    • Following aircraft can target installations listed below:

      Prototype Nanzan
      Ju 87C Kai
      Ju 87C Kai Ni (w/KMX)
      Ju 87C Kai Ni (w/KMX/Skilled)
      Suisei Model 12 (634 Air Group w/Type 3 Cluster Bombs)

      Reference: March 27, 2019 update

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      The list of planes that can target installations has been on the installation page for a while already.

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    • Ah, is that so? Must have missed it then. Thanks everyone.

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