• I don't know what to say guys, I'm around Admiral Level 28 and I did not recieve a Naka out of my Sorties or Constructions. I play every day and manage to do all my daily constructions but I haven't recieved a Naka yet. Because of this issue I cannot complete the Arange the Three Sendai-class Light Cruiser Sisters! mission and open the third fleet.

    If somone can give me a tip or help in anyway so I can get Naka feel free to tell me.

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    • Try spam sortie 1-1 i got her a lot there

      P/s:I got Sendai when lever 40 for open fleet 3 and Hiei for open fleet 4 when lever 80 so dont give up

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    • She will come naturally in time either as World 1 drops or from construction (recipies:

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    • ahh it was for that reason, I thought maybe I had found a fellow TTK who started playing the game for Naka(and a few others), sadly tho Naka is more fun in the fanworks, she looks a bit weird in game I feel, so she never became a favorite in that arena for me.

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