• Hyuuga Kai Ni scheduled for release during Spring 2019!
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    Hyuuga Next Remodel

    • The 2nd Ship of the Ise-class Aviation Battleship, HyuugaHyuuga Kai Banner will be receiving her next Remodel next year during Spring.

    Developer tweets

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    Currently KanColle Development Team is preparing for the New Remodel of the 2nd Ship of the Ise-class Battleship, slated to be release next year Spring. After the major defeat in the Midway, she was remodeled into an Aviation Battleship, and even during the Battle of Cape Engano, she had performed magnificiantly during the Supply Transport Operation, the 'Operation Kita', then had fought to the end to protect the Enemy Air Raid against Kure. Please look forward to it!


    Twitter Illustration

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