• Hi, how is it going?

    As for LBAS... well, I have done something but I am rather waiting for the next late-summer event, as the mechanics may change a bit or significantly. On the other hand, I doubt that the devs would begin the 2nd phase with a notoriously difficult event, so the Air Defence may not be so important. Perhaps.

    Meanwhile I have editted Wikia, the current description is not 100% correct but it may nevertheless be useful to some extent. (I tried but failed to edit Japanese wiki)

    By the way, I made a spreadsheet for managing DDs for OASW. It may be useful for some players who want to know when DDs get 61 ASW stat. Would you know where I should share this?

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    • Oh hey!

      Understandbly.  I have just reclaimed all worlds from the Abyssals, that kept me busy for a while.  Other than that, nothing much is happening on my end heh.

      For OASW related info, I reckon something like would suit.  Better check with a Staff  though (via Discord or wikia message), since they're the ones decide what stays and goes.

      Alternatively you can leave a comment on the Combat page, since it has high traffic (like how I shared my LBAS blog on the LBAS comment section).

      By the way, I'm curious but never had a chance to ask: how did you find my blog in the 1st place? :3

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    • Apologies for the late response. I have decided to slap it onto the Opening ASW page as mentioned above from TenkouKuugen for the time being as the same said page does require an overhaul but with other things that precedes this, it may take time.

      Thanks for providing it either way and mentioning me to it either way!

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    • TenkouKuugen,

      Sorry for not replying immediately, but actually I was a bit involved in crazy trouble in Ja Kancolle community, and I have been being rather exhausted and felt myself incompetent to write or do something meaningful.

      And now I hardly remember my spreadsheet which may be considered incomplete (but oh, I don't know what should be revised). It will take a bit time...

      Answering your question: somebody introduced your blog to me, if I remember well.

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    • Hey it's ok, just take your time.  Games are meant to enjoyed afterall :)

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    • TenkouKuugen, by the way, thank you for helping me for this issue!

      Maybe I am continuously online in discord but I hardly use it except for checking some information, so I haven't noticed what you done for me... Well, I see somebody repeatedly mentions what is my twitter account but it would be better to separate me from that :) The purpose of that account (at least the original one) is to share some useful information to those who are not very familiar with "high" players (I hope you may understand what this "high" mean in English and Japanese at the same time)

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    • No worries mate, glad it's resolved :)

      CrazyTeitoku (CT) did all the work so the credit belongs to him.

      PS: I see that you found me on Discord w

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    • A FANDOM user
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