• How have you been? Working for the next event? Hope that Kantai might go 3D down he road, as Abyss Horizon doesn't work to bad on the cell and to transit the game from arcade to cell might not be to hard.

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    • Hello Snw, i have been good so far. Hope you had a good time too.

      And yes, i'm currently preparing for the next event. Leveling some european ships and DDs while trying to increase my res at the same time ^^. 

      I fear KanColle might not go down the 3D route with the HTML5 update, since it would probably too close to the Arcade variant. But i still hope for some more animation of the secretary. Getting Arcade to a cell might be technically possible, but i doubt it will be a f2p game in this case, since it would probably cut the returns from the Arcade machines. It could be a possibility when the returns from the Arcade machines are not good enough anymore though.

      How have you been? Busy with preparing for the event or just busy in general? Haven't seen you on discord lately.

      Have a good one.

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    • Been well, Mostly have been working and just farming resources. Broke 100K on a few but still only have 400 buckets. Duck sister farming this event and will go full steam on the next.

      I have my doubts that a 3D version would work on the Cell as the Arcade looks really good.

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    • How you liking the update? I play on the phone so I do not see any play changes. More expeditions "YAY", I see a lot of new salt on the world maps. LOL

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    • Well, so far the game itself had a major visual upgrade. Higher resolution, smooth animations. It does look really good. I havent really read the update in regards to mobiles, but it might be, that there are no changes yet. I remember something about the android version having a slightly different update schedule. The map rework is not bad in my eyes, although i think world 2 might be a bit hard for beginners now. But in general i like how they made DDs and CLs relevant again. It was also surprisingly fun trying to unlock the maps with unknown routing. At least once we figured out, that lighter fleets have a higher chance of hitting the boss nodes. Regarding the salt, i don't really understand that. Some maps did not even change, and the others mostly had routing changes, so you can't simply being 3BB + 3CV to flatten everything. What i dislike most, is the disappearance of our favorite leveling spots, since nodes now have separate xp values based on how dangerous the enemy comp is. But that might change, once all the branching rules are known. Especially seeing that the old leveling spots were based on deliberate off-routes with equipment not meant for the boss nodes. How are your thoughts on the new maps?

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    • One of these days will have to dust off my laptop and see what everyone is talking about. As for maps. I havnt run a map in all most a year. Sense my Girls are too low yet to finish 5-4. As such, with the update I will think about doing maps again. Perhaps next year as I am still leveling up my core Kanmusu. My Daughter u=is up for a visit and after she has gone home. I am going to be working two jobs to save up for Christmas and recover lost expenses. So This event and the fall. I do not expect to play. But I would love to see your progress and thoughts on them if you do them. So no more Orel cursing? LOL

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    • After a few weeks of testing various comps, i think world 2 might be a bit harsh, especially for the routine clearing of daily quests. Personally, i have stopped the 'five world 2 bosses' quest. On the old maps it was a good way to get a bucket or two, but with the current enemy comps getting five boss kills only needs five sorties, but the downside is that enemy comps will most likely hit and damage your fleet. So the return in buckets is basically down to zero, even with spacing sorties over the day and repairing in the downtime. World 2 is still easily clearable, but i don't see them as a way to level my non-combat ships anymore.

      On the upside, clearing specific quests got a lot easier, since the routing on maps is now very predictable. Especially when fielding fleets with destroyers and light cruisers a route to the boss node is basically guaranteed, while bringing heavier ships like battleships and aircraft carriers will usually end up in longer routes and possible off-routes. This makes farming boss kills or transports very easy, reliable and therefore fast.

      World 7, the new one, is currently only consisting of one map. This is map has mostly submarine nodes, with the odd surface node in between. I would say it is similar to E1 from the Winter 18 event. So far i found it to be a very good spot to level destroyers and light cruisers, similar to map 1-5, but with higher experience gain due to the higher risk. The boss node also drops several destroyers that were formerly event-only drops like Arashi, Hagikaze and Sagiri (although the last one still eludes me ^^).

      Well, i hope your work goes smoothly and you will have time to enjoy the game again at some point. If you do start again, drop by on the discord, we have collected a small assortment of guides and example compositions for all maps, so that should help to keep cost and salt down. But of course you are welcome to simply chat, if you can spare the time.

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    • Wow, this is a lot to take in too. I showed my Daughter KC and we had a fun juice drinking game for POI in the Anime. Yet wasn't able to get her interest in the game itself. she hooked on to AL mostly because of the beast girls. So will have to think about it again later. She did like the arcade though. again I mostly just do a few missions daily. with Christmas coming faster then I would like. working and saving right now. Will try and figure out my discord password and send you a note. Though times I am on the wiki. I don't recall seeing our old crew. Hows things event wise on your end. If there is a Duck sister and the such. I may farm a little.

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    • Good Luck, and perhaps casual? Hmmm???
      Two Smug
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    • Well, perhaps she will be coming around to KanColle at some point. I guess, that KC is actually more interesting for people having an interest in the naval history of the characters, since a lot of their quotes, art and personality is based on history. 

      If you should need a new invite, in case you have to start a new discord account, just let me know. And since the website chat is gone, basically everyone has moved to discord, since it is usually easier to chat. 

      So far there have been four (out of five announced) new kanmusu been confirmed for the event. The main star is HMS Nelson, most likely the reward for completeng the EOs. Then there is the swedish light cruiser Gotland, which might be a light version of CAVs, depending on how she will be implemented. We will also get Kishinami, a new member of the Yuugumo-class and Shin'You, the former german cruise liner Scharnhorst, which will be the reward for the Main Operations. She got converted into the japanese light carrier Shin'You. I expect her to be very similar to Taiyou. The last girl is still unknown.

      Regarding the duckies, they (or at least Akizuki herself) are a typical event drops for the earlier maps, so i recommend dusting off those ASW equips, since map E1 is based on the Battle of Badung Strait (submarines and light surface fleets). ^^

      And i hope both of you survived the drinking game. There are a lot of Pois in that show. ^^

      In any case, good luck and have fun.​

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    • Waiting for the drop list to come out. right now. Easy looks interesting. Though I would really like to finish a event. So just farm and wait for max resources, or just go for broke. Hows your event going at the moment or too soon for you yet. The large ship locks has me concerned.

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    • I just saw preliminary drop lists showing up.  The rewards for the first maps are very good. If you have DEs or other OASW capable ships, i recommend trying E1 on as high difficulty as you can manage, it is very easy to get good anti-installation gear from the rewards. This equipment will also help in the next two maps, since both contain installations. Dropping in difficulty if it is too hard is always a possibility, but going for high difficulties is well worth it in my eyes due to the rewards.

      I'm also concerned about all the shiplocks, that is why i haven't sortied yet. But as i understand the data-miners, the last two locks on E5 only apply to Hard difficulty. So we should have one lock for each of E1 to E4 and then E5 without a lock (as is customary) for difficulties below Hard.  So far different tags do not seem to affect starting or routing on maps E1 to E3. So that might avoid outcries like in the Winter18 event. But of course we don't know anything about the Extra Operations yet. Once that information shows up, i'll start sortieing.

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    • Thanks. Not sure when I will start yet. As it stands I see about 15 new Kanmusu I want to farm for. E-1, I-13, and I-26. E-2, Kamoi, Matsukaze, Mikuma, Minazuki, Pola, and Zara. E-3, Harusame, Isskaze, Kashima, Kishinami, Nowaki, and Tokitsukaze. I may wait till Thursday. As I want to buy two more Dorms for my new Girls. As I still have 17 from last event I want for Equipment from Their Kai. Plus I will hoard every Mikuma I can get for her Kai guns. Still no Duck sister yet. Will see what drops are for E-4 and E-5.

      If all else fails. Spam the Keyboard!!!

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    • How are you doing? some salt first map and yet no new Kanmusu to add to my fleet. I was able to get my Discord to work.

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    • Sort of mixed on my end. I finished the Main Operations, but then had to drop in difficulty, due to an unwelcome influx in workload. So i have to finish the event tomorrow at the latest, since i do not know if i have much time to play. And i can understand the salt about 'no new kanmusu'. I am currently working on the final boss of E5 and have only found Kishinami as drop. I would definitely tried farming for her, so she is more than welcome; but after almost five maps i sort of expected more than one event-only drop.

      Good to hear you got your discord back up to work. If you have problems, need ideas for fleets or simply someone to share the salt, feel free to drop by the discord server. For E1 i can recommend using 2CL, 4DE as a fleet. The DEs are easily brought to OASW and the CLs with two guns and a sonar will add a bit of survivability and surface capability to the fleet. Also: Vanguard formation all the way to the boss, then line abreast. The fragility of the DEs will most likely lead to a retreat once in a while, but in my experience they can survive the route most of the times.

      Anyway, good luck with the event and i hope you find a lot of new girls.

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    • Same to you. Hows things so far? Down to 50K Baux. on E-4 2 right now on Casual. Will go and just farm E-1 and E-3 when I drop to 25K. Got the new CV so she was the only event drop of interest.

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    • Sorry for the long delay, was rather busy with work.

      Already on E4? That sounds pretty good. I hope you will find some more drops along the way. I had to finish quickly before last week, since i knew i would not be able to play. So i rushed E5 on Easy. A bit of a shame, i rather liked the look of that plane... oh well, it is like it is.

      I dont know, if you have plans on tackling E5, but i would recommend it, if your resources and time permit it. Phase 2 against the french BB Hime is a bit of a pain, but the last part against the European Hime is not bad at all and Phase 1 is pretty easy. Nelson has that new mechanic, the Nelson Touch, which enables her to attack with two other ships of your fleet at once, effectively giving you two extra attacks during the shelling phase. It is pretty powerful, and luckily it seems it is not that dependent on luck/RNG as Cut-Ins, making it more predictable.

      Well, i hope it works out. Good luck.

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    • Well, have much to learn. All resources gone, but have a few new Kanmusu for the base. Think I spent about 13 days on E3. never made it to E5. How about you?
      Fall Event New Kanmusu 2018
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    • Oh wow, that is quite the haul. It seems like you will be pretty busy with leveling in the next time. ^^

      A bit sad to hear it did not work out with E5, but if you have that much reinforcements, the next event should work out a lot better. Especially with Shinyou (basically the same as Taiyou, a ASW-specialised, OASW-capable CVL), Zuihou (in my opinion the best CVL in the game right now, since she is fast, has good survivability and her K2B is OASW-capable) and Isokaze (who is almost as good with killing planes as the duckies). And the kaiboukans will make quests on 1-5 or simply clearing it super easy, since they can reach OASW with just about level 10, although that depends a bit on the equipment. But since they only need an ASW stat of 60, that is still very early. I found out, they are also quite good on event maps like E1, which surprised me a bit, since they don't have that much survivability. 

      On my end, although i had to give up my plans of finishing the event all-hard, the two weeks they added at the end enabled me to actually farm a bit after i returned from work. So now i'm very happy about Zara and Prinz Eugen joining the fleet. That took about two years of farming. ^^ So i'll be busy leveling too.

      I just hope someone will find some good leveling spots again. The current Sanma Event helps somewhat, since during events i tend to not be that stingy with buckets, so the new girls gain a few levels this way.

      Miko sends her regards, she is sorry about not answering right away, but she has been rather busy. I hope i can prod her into finally writing back. ^^ 

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    • Screenshot 20181016-053758 艦これ

      One step closer to Sara Tonight,

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    • Oh wow, congrats, that will be a great help. Sara is a great CV, in either of her forms.

      The only downside i would see with her, is her low evasion, which means that she will spend quite some time in the docks, but luckily she has the armor and hitpoints to take a few hits. But i think she is absolutely worth every bit of resources spent.

      And Kamoi herself is quite helpful, since she is a fleet oiler that does not drink all the fuel she carries herself (yes, i'm looking at you, Hayasui). Her combat capabilities are quite low, since she has no access to unusual equipment like Hayasui and her torpedo bombers, but having an oiler in the fleet affects branching at several points. The possibility to equip Flying Boats in her K2 form is a nice bonus, although somewhat niche due to the rarity of circumstances where this would be required.

      Just do yourself the favor of not draining your resources completely with LSCs... been there, done that and didn't even get a T-Shirt (or Zara for that matter, although i finally got her as a drop from the last event).

      Also, i do not know which maps you have unlocked, but we found a good leveling spot with 5-5. Node B is a sub-node with an average base xp of 225. One can reach that node with 3DD, CL, CVL(or CVE), (F)BB(V). The battleship is there only for the second shelling phase. With this setup one can run this node constantly, even with 0 morale, although it helps if two or three of the light ships are OASW capable.

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    • The event was a failure on my part. just not enough time. Am in talks with a friend on Amatsukaze about the movie error. They suggested I write them about it and tonight I did. Not expecting a response from my tweet. but why not.

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    • That is sad to hear, but i hope you had at least time for the first quests. If not, it is not that much of a disaster, since most of that ant-installation gear was also given out in the Late Summer/Early Fall event and the Daihatsus are available via quests and K2s.

      Who did you tweet about that strange Rensouhou-kun? I have heard about the oddity, but not sure about what to do about that.

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    • I would have to check the exchanges on my wall. I talk to a few people and don't recall which one off the top of my head. I was able to get most event quest done except the last one. so no radar or banner for me this event. As for Rensouhou-kun. How can you forget the guns and eyes. LOL it was not even a moving shot of the movie. just a pass over back ground shot.

      I envy you on your level of gameplay. I have been going over my quest chain while at work this week. I have 16 Kanmusu left to Kai ni. 17 if you include Sara-chan who I have yet to craft. So besides working towards trying to grind full resources and buckets. I will be busy till the next year if I take my time. I have like 172 Kanmusu. At most you can only use 24 at one time. So unless its a Duck Hunt. I really have no incentive to do any events. As even didn't care for Nelson in this last event. As I see they had a Halloween costume. I hope that they might add it in to the event list next year. What your in game plans, you still grinding. Or just stocking up for the next event. Christmas, right?

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    • 1446099534190

      Merry Christmas to you!!!

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    • Finished my first event today. Just going to farm now. How did you do???

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    • Congratulations on clearing the event. I hope you had a lot of fun and good drops.

      I also cleared a few days back and am still farming. Teruzuki has been elusive for years now and i would like to complete the ducky set ^^. Hayanami is missing still, since i didn't had time yet to go back to E2.

      But oh boy, they weren't kidding when they said this event will be harder than usual. The Last Dance on E3 took quite a long time to end. On the other hand, i found it rewarding that the event needed a lot of the lighter ships like destroyers and light cruisers, who didn't play much of a role in phase one of kancolle (i.e. before the HTML5 update/ map-rework). And since i rather like light fleets, this worked out quite well overall.

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    • Congrats, hope your Duck hunting goes well. Did you get gum-chan? Not really interested in her. Though I might do a few Z runs this weekend. Just dont have the resources to grind much. These events are worse then a certain Cav one CV.

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    • Oh well, i didn't have any time to play over the weekend, but the RNG gods were with me. Both Teruzuki and Hayanami decided to show up yesterday evening, just 30 minutes before the event ended. That means, that i actually fully completed this event, which is the first time in ages.

      And yes, E3 was pretty expensive to farm, but i guess that is where the time between events comes into play. In a way the downtime is simply the preparation for the next event. I just wish they would increase the resource and bucket gain from expeditions by a bit, so the more casual players would have better chances.

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    • How you do this event???

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    • The Setsubun Event? There are four quests available which will provide you with beans.

      Those can be exchanged into:

      - Land Based Bomber 'Ginga' (20 beans, once only) - Type 1 Lad Based Bomber (10 beans) - Setsubun Window Furniture (4 beans, once only) - 1 screw (2 beans)

      The first quest is a daily PvP quest, in which you need to get three S-Rank victories in a day with at least two DD/DE in your fleet. This will give you 1 bean.

      The second quest is a weekly quest and requires you to S-Rank the boss nodes of 1-2 and 1-4 with a CL/CVL flagship and at least two DD/DE in your fleet. This will give you 1 bean.

      The third quest is a weekly quest and requires you to S-Rank the boss nodes of 3-1 and 3-5 with a AV/CA flagship and at least two DD/DE in your fleet. This will give you 2 beans.

      The fourth quest is a weekly quest and requires you to S-Rank the boss nodes of 5-4 and 5-5 with a BB/CV flagship and at least two DD in your fleet. This will give you 2 beans.

      The event will end with the maintenance on friday the 8th. I fear if you haven't done some of those quests yet, you will not have the time required to get a lot of beans, since unlike with the Saury event the 'currency' to get the rewards is bound to timed quests and not simply sorties. But you should be able to get at least a few screws out of the event, especially since the first two quests are rather easy and the third is not too hard either. The window is not really worth the effort in my opinion, since the regularly available Setsubun window does look better in my eyes. ^^

      Some of the fleets i used to clear the quests (bold: flagship):

      1-2: CL, 4 DD

      1-4: CL, AV, 4DD

      3-1: AV, 2CV, CL, 2DD

      3-5: AV, CL, 4DD (south route, has a slight chance for off-route to node B)

      5-4: 2BB, 2CVB, 2DD (used Nagato K2 for her special attack)

      5-5: 2BB, 2CVB, 2DD (used Nagato K2 for her special attack)

      PvP: AV, CA, CL, CT, 2DD (but as usual this depends highly on the enemy fleet)

      Good Luck

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    • I did receive the 20 bean Bomber. just working on the window now. How many screws you went for.

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    • Oh, my bad. I thought it was one of those times were you did not have enough time to access Kancolle. ^^

      Congratulations on your new Ginga.

      As for my rewards, i did the 5-4/5-5 quest only once, since it is quite costly. So i should end up with 29 beans, which is enough for the Ginga, the window (which i kinda regret) and two screws.

      I hoped to get more screws out of this event, but the costs are somewhat prohibitive, since i am still restoring resources after the Winter19 event. I guess i will have to rely on the usual quests for that now.

      I just hope they will rework Southern War Hime, which did get a buff during the last event. And since her armor is now 188, S-Ranking 5-3 is now far less assured, especially with the Mikawa fleet. Which is needed for at least one quest that gives a few screws ... ^^

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    • Yea, The window is a bit of a letdown. You choose not to get the eight bean bomber???. Just broke 90 buckets, yet still under 60k on Baux. Doing 4, 2a and #38 to regain resources. But may have to switch to two baux and #38 for my expeditions. As it stands. Maybe the next event will be in three months. Yet need to focus more on resource gathering and leveling. Then getting new Kanmusu. I still have eight new girls to level up from level one.

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    • Good thing the regular Setsubun window is looking pretty good, so i'm currently using that. ^^

      And no, i didn't get the Type 1 LB, since i have had time enough to do the monthly conversion quests. Which is why i have enough bombers and could afford to get some more screws instead.

      Yeah, events are usually pretty bad for ones baux, since they require a lot of LBAS re-slotting and general carrier sorties. But about 60k baux is not exactly panic inducing. Depending on the other resources, i would recommend keeping a good eye (and perhaps one or two expeditions) on fuel and buckets. If you have fuel, you can do everything.

      Another thing that is very good at restoring resources and buckets are the daily quests, although those obviously need some time to complete, which might be a hindrance.

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    • So I have a quick question for you. The AA DD's. in so much I have the swan now. I thought that they used to do a AA cut in attack every time the Abyssal or in PVP your opponent had an Air attack phase. not just the first round.

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    • In general the triggering of AACIs is based on (surprise, surprise) RNG.

      They have a chance to trigger which usually ranges between 40% and 65%. In general the better AACIs (more planes shot down and/or higher AA multipliers) have the better rates, for example the duckies equipped with two 10cm Twin High Angle Guns with Anti-Aircraft-Fire-Director (Akiguns) and an Radar have about 65-67% trigger rate. Weaker set-ups or generic equipment combinations like High Angle Gun with a (separate) Anti-Aircraft-Fire-Director and an Air Radar will be worse in any respect, including the trigger chance. The ships that have their own specific AACIs (Akizuki-class, Maya K2, etc.) often have vastly superior trigger rates.

      If they trigger, it will be only during the opening air strike where it will provide a buff to the planes shot down. During the shelling phase the AACI will not trigger again, but the shot down planes will of course not participate in either bombing.

      One exception are Aerial Battle Nodes (i.e. Node F on 1-6). In this case there will be two attacks by the carriers and each has a separate a chance to trigger the AACI which, in the case of the duckies, often ends with all planes shot down during the second attack.

      Here is a tabular overview over the currently known AACI-set-ups and their stats: Anti Air Cut-In

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    • Ah, I see. Thanks. but not twice or so with PVP? I mostly have been using Kasumi B for my AA Kanmusu. To be honest between her and the swan. I haven't seen much difference from the two. other then the Swan shoots one more plane down then Kasumi. On a side note. I would like to see a special gun for Amatsukaze and Shimakazi. As the Swan sisters and her have a Rensouhou-kun type turret. Would be nice addition to the game.

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    • No, sadly the only time an AACI can trigger twice in the same node are Aerial Combat Nodes.

      Regarding the effectiveness of the AACI set-ups of Suzutsuki and Kasumi K2B:

      They are pretty different, since Kasumi has one of medium strength, shooting down an additional 5 planes while multipliying her effective AA stat (the calculated one, not the one shown in-game) by 1.4. This is her best set-up with one High-Angle Gun, one Air Radar and one AA-Gun. Suzutsuki (and the other Akizuki-class DDs) will reach 8 additional planes shot down and multipliying the effective AA-stat by 1.7, which is one of the strongest AACIs of the game (the other one being the AACI of Maya K2). This is her best AACI set-up with 2 High-Angle Guns and a Radar (in this special case it does not matter if it is an Air Radar or Surface Radar).

      This makes Suzutsukis set-up better due to several reasons. First: the capability of the AACI itself and second: her ability to use a night battle Double Attack with her AACI set-up, something which Kasumi can not do with her best set-up (except when the AA-Gun is mounted in a Reinforcement Expansion).

      The main reason why the sizeable difference is hard to see lies in the mechanics of the game. The flat bonus to planes shot down is more effective against smaller plane slots of the enemy carriers, so the difference is easier to see when going up against a light carrier like the Nu-class, while carriers like the Wo Kai (and player carriers in PvP) and similar ones have plane slots of a size that makes it hard to shoot down all the planes. The second reason is the multiplier of the effective AA-stat and its effects. In general a higher effective AA-stat will result in more planes shot down, but since there are two different chances involved, this often gets drowned by RNG, making it less obvious. Especially when keeping in mind, that even one plane on a carrier is enough to deal full damage during the shelling phase. Which means, that the main difference between those two destroyers is usually only observable during the opening airstrike (unless all planes have been shot down), since shooting down more planes will reduce damage here.

      In short (and without going into the actual mechanics and mathematics involved): the Akizuki class destroyers are the more effective AACI destroyer, by AACI stats and usability of the equipment set-up. But due to the game mechanics, the difference tends to be less obvious (but there is still a difference) when going up against enemy carriers with larger slots (Wo-class and PvP).

      Once you feel that you have enough viable AACI destroyers, i would recommend remodelling Kasumi back to her K2 version, since she is a very hard hitting destroyer in this remodel. And this during both day and night.

      And yes, i would like to see a special gun for Amatsukaze, although her historical guns, the 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount C K2, are already in game. At least it gives decent equipment bonuses when equipped on the Kagerou-class.

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    • I see that they found CV-8 this week. Perhaps they will have her join the Kanmusu soon???

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    • That would be great. Not sure how fast it would go but i would love to see her in game. And the devs usually take contemporary events as inspiration for game content, although it doesn't need to be something big. But we got content when they did find Musashi and Hiei for example.

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    • Hope your weekend went well. I thought I would give the last holiday quest a shot. How hard can it be to do four maps in two days. Right? 5-1 is unlocked so I did that. 5-2 Was not opend, so was like. Huh, I already did it pre update. So thought that I just had to open 4-1 to 4-4 again. Wait, map doesn't look like one in wiki. Check comments. Its map 7-1. Ok. Working on 7-1 now. Decide to see what kind of shit storm waits me on map 5. I see 5-3 and 5-4. Have to kill boss 5 time each.... Yea, no. Not a chance in hell to get Hei's wall banner... "Sigh"...

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    • True, 5-3 is not easy to clear, but if it is just for the quest, you don't actually have to clear 5-4. The quest requires a single S-Rank on each map, so you could leave clearing 5-4 for a later date.

      For 5-3 i would recommend a fleet of:

      Hiei (ArtySpot, AP-Shell)

      2 DD (Yasen DA, Starshell) [ideally very strong Yasen DDs like Yuudachi K2, Ayanami K2 etc.]

      2 CAV (ArtySpot, Seaplane Fighter) [ideally two of the K2 CAV]

      CL (ArtySpot) [ideally a very strong Yasen CL like Jintsuu K2]

      This fleet is able to punch through the high armor of the Hime. One should aim for AS in the boss node (71+ fighterpower for the non-CVL comps. I would advise against AS set-ups for the CVL comp due to the limited amount of equipment slots and the required firepower), so if two Seaplane Fighters are not enough, i would recommend swapping one of the Recon Seaplanes on the CAVs for a third Seaplane Fighter. The above fleet order is based on the effective Yasen Power of the ships, sorted in ascending order, but depending on the actually used ships you might have to change the order. This is to ensure that those attacking last during Yasen will have enough hitting power to get through the Himes armor.

      Also, don't forget that you can bring support expeditions in world 5. That is not exactly cheap, but it should reduce the amount of attempts needed and help you clear the map faster.

      For 5-4 i would recommend a fleet of:

      Hiei (ArtySpot, AP-Shell)

      CAV (2x Main Gun, 2x Seaplane Fighter) [ideally one of the K2 CAV]

      3 DD (Yasen DA and/or AACI)  [ideally high firepower DDs like Yuudachi K2, Ayanami K2 etc. and perhaps your Kasumi for AACI]

      CL (ArtySpot) [ideally a high firepower CL like Jintsuu K2]

      I would recommend bringing enough Seaplane Fighters for AP on the boss node (63+ fighterpower) which will deny ArtySpot and CVCI to the enemy fleet. In comparison to 5-3 this map is easier. The ArtySpot set-up for Hiei and the CL will not help much on the boss node, but the first node this fleet visits is a regular day node and the Recon Seaplanes will help with the LoS check (eLoS (F33) Cn = 2 of 45 or higher) that is required to go from node M to the boss node.

      I don't think you will need support fleets for 5-4, but it is always an option if you are short on time.

      Best of luck and i hope you will have enough time to get the Hiei scroll after all.

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    • Thank you. Though I only have 8k baux at the moment so I will blame myself for waiting too long in clearing the world maps

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    • Also, i do not know how you do math in your country. But in ours. We would call a world between three and four world 3.5 only because when the Dev's do add a map after world six. You really cant call it world eight, right? Or can you defend that choice otherwise...

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    • Well, i don't feel the need to defend that choice, but perhaps i can clarify it a bit.

      The reason for that is, that the devs are arranging the worlds in the order of the length/effort of the supply line (in a historic context). The game itself also never calls the maps "world 4" or something, but by names like "Naval Base Area" and "Northern Waters". The people who came up with the numbering were actually fans (although they might have gotten their inspiration from data-mining the back-end of the game). So the main culprits are not the devs but the players.

      This is was started a rather large discussion in the fandom of how to treat the new world, i.e. go with 3 - 7 - 4 numbering or re-number all maps beyond world 3. For the sake of consistency they choose to keep the old numbers for worlds 4 to 6 and add (what we call) world 7 in that rather odd spot between world 3 and world 4.

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    • I suppose. Just will cause more problems down the road when they add worlds after six. How did the event go? I managed to get both planes. Sad part is in retrospect looking at my quest chain I might have been able to knock a few off had I thought about looking at it. Hindsight is 20/20 they say.

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    • How far you get last event. Both planes and wall scroll?

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    • Congrats on those two lovely planes. ^^

      Luckily i had a fleet set up for 5-3 already, due to the Mikawa fleet quarterly, so i could build on that. So i managed to finish all three quests.

      Have you had the chance to finish the new quest with the CL/CVL to world 1 and world 2 yet? The rewards might not look overwhelming, but that Type 95 Depth Charge can be improved and upgraded into a Type 2 Depth Charge. I think the upper section (stars 7 to 10) need another Type 95 Depth Charge as modfod. So that would be a nice idea if one has a handful of the Type 95 Depth Charges available.

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    • How's your spring going? I think I have 8 of those type 95 in my armory not being used. I think I am missing BM6 to open up the Hei wall scroll. Have up to world 4-2 in opening stage.. what's your status in game now.

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    • Mmh, seems the website ate my message...

      I was a bit busy the last weeks, so i didn't have as much time to play as i would have liked. But at least it was enough for most of the aily and weekly quests. Regarding the progress, i have cleared all maps in the game, since i was curious about the changes in Phase 2 and some requests for guides to some of the world 5 and world 6 quests.

      Currently i am really curious about the upcoming K2 of Hyuuga, since her shown artwork and the sketches of her flightdeck are intriguing. It might very well be that she is more Zuiun-focused than her sister, since she has more elevators, catapults and rails for seaplane-trollies on her deck. But so far that is pure speculation. But i guess we will see in a few hours. Although there was just a tweet announcing a delay...

      And i'm still trying to wrench Taihou out of LSC.

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    • Good luck on you Taihou quest!!! I have been trying to Kai ni my BB's. As such I am now down to 50k ammo, 40k Baux, and at 100 buckets. I have many DD's on standby for theirs. I figure it's best to finish it now so then I can focus on resources later. I have no flight decks at all. Doing expeditions 6, 35, and 38. Last months attempt at LSC gave me two of the Army landing craft. So will get my Gyros. And a Miru? Will save her for Amatsukaze should I get anymore DE. I dread the next event next month so low as I am on resources. People think it may be finally Ten-go with a Yamato kai ni. Have you watched any Arcade footage? It looks really well done.

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    • Thanks, It seems i need that luck. ^^

      Yes, resources can be a real pain when working with a lot of BBs. I usually try to mix leveling heavy units and DDs, so the resources don't take such a big hit. The downside of that is the prolonged time used for all of the K2 though. 

      Congrats on getting Akitsu Maru. She is a great addition to the fleet and her equip is very useful for expeditions, transport fleets in events and sub hunting with CVL or BBV. That is great news.

      I personally don't think this event will be based on operation Ten-Go. We have been getting quite different K2 lately, so based on that i would lean towards Operation Kita, since both Ise and Hyuuga now have their K2. Then there is the announced K2C for Kongou, which might point more towards another visit to Guadalcanal/The Slot and Akagis upcoming K2, which might indicate a new variant of Midway or one of the follow-up operations that never happened. There is also the point that next year will mark the 75 year anniversary of Operation Ten-Go, so that might be a nice touch?

      Yes, i have seen videos about KC Arcade. The animations look great, i wish we could have something like that for the browser version. About the gameplay i'm not too sure, i guess that would mean testing it to see if one likes it. I'm also a bit baffled by the potential changes to the mechanics, since i have seen a lot of people choose rather awkward equipment load-outs. 

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    • How you do this week?

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    • Hello. I'm doing good so far. I just found out that RV Petrel found the wreck of Jintsuu. RV Petrel - Facebook She is still sitting regally upright and seems almost ready to fight. Except for a few squids....

      I wonder if we will get a special quest, similar to the one we got after the discovery of Hiei? I would really love that, since Jintsuu is basically my second-most favorite girl in the game ^^.

      On other news, my buckets took a severe dip with the Golden Week Quests, the Kongou K2C (or simply Congou) quests and some farming for another Akitsushima ... well to be honest another Taitei-chan.

      How are you? Hope things are going smoothly.

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    • Doing good, Thanks. Seems the ocean is getting smaller with her find. I am sure a scroll or a new art would be nice. You may be hard up for another Akitsushima. As she now has a room at my base dorms. Best of luck on that endeavor. MY resources to a huge hit to get her. I am under 50k on most of them and have less then 10 buckets now. I feel that she might play a part in the net event. So we will see. Waiting for season two, though its theme will be more darker then the last two. Be well.

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    • Well, from what we know about the next event:

      - starts mid-May

      - Medium Size with 3 MO and 2 EO

      - the devs stated that "Anti-Submarine Patrols and Air Forces will be important to the success of the operation"

      - a "What If" scenario starting in the Northern Waters (the in-game name for World 3)

      - a new Shimushu-class DE will be introduced (unclear if she will be a drop or reward)

      - the final reward will be a battleship type

      Since you did mention it, i did read up on Akitsushima. You might be right with your feeling that she might be needed (or at least helpful) in the next event. Although she stayed in the southern and central pacific for most of her service career, she was sent up to Parmushir as a support for the Evacuation of Kiska (which has been implemented as map 3-2 in the game). So she has a connection with the Northern Waters. Just be careful with your resources. It would be a shame if you do get her but then be unable to finish the event ^^;

      Some of the speculation about the next event is that we might get to see the american Big 7.

      And yes, Season 2 seems to be at least partially centered around the Nishimura Fleets Battle of the Surigao Strait and it looked like the whole tone is a lot more somber than Season 1. I just hope they can keep some of the quality of the movie.

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    • Did your Dupe quest pan out? On the path to clear 4-3 and 4-4. I was able to have Gotland join the base. Like her AA guns. So as it stands with now her and PBY-chan. I have all event Kanmusu. Three weeks to build up my Buckets from 2 too what ever next event will bring. 50k Ammo though. How does your resources fair?

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    • Good luck this event!!!

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    • A FANDOM user
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