• Hi, I wanted to inform you that this kind of page doesn't really have anything to do on the wikia since it doesn't provide any real information about the game itself (also we already have wikipedia for historical facts) I moved it to Sandbox/Battle of Leyte Gulf for now because I saw that you weren't the only one that edited the page but you should put it in a blog page in the future when you are done with it.

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    • Seeing that the page is pointless for the game, then please proceed to delete it. Thanks.

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    • It is a useful information albeit not for the game. As such, as Kruss suggested, it is possible to put it in your blog instead as it can be used to look for some info later if someone wish for it.

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    • Well... I don't know how to do it... But will try to move it to a blog. 

      Ok, looks like I managed to copy the source and keep the article untouched. 

      Now if you want you can erase if from the sandbox.

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    • A FANDOM user
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