• Back then after i read your blog about lbas, a divine intervention landed me upon a treasure trove which is your battle replays page. Must've been a loooot of work putting them all out there wasn't it? I deeply thanks your effort for going through that, i really mean it.

    They really helped me with my list of untouched quests. Last month i finally tried 5-5 along with that Nagato K2 quest. I checked the page, looked up your replay, coming up with my best composition, and to my surprise, i nailed it on my first run ever \( ´ ▽ ` )/

    The best part was it lead me to even cleared the EO altogether. Took my time doing only 1-2 attempts per day, somehow i cleared in 10 runs (perhaps Re-chan and compass fairies were just being kind to newcomer lol).

    Anyway thanks again and may the bless of RNG-sama will always in our favor (・∀・)7

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    • Thank you for the compliments, you're most welcomed!  It's always good to know that one's work is useful to others :)

      I started the Library because I find video replays inconvenient (constantly pausing, rewinding, buffering while looking for compo/loadouts); the downtime between vital info also drives me nuts =.=

      KC3 battleplayer gives more control and even allows user to interrogate replay data (eg compo/loadout/Battle Logs), so I just link replays in posts and let the user control how much info they wanna see.  They don't even need KC3 and the best part is that I can post replay links easily even on mobile heh.

      Took me a while to put them together initially, but quite easy to update afterwards.  If it helps oneself while helping others, I'd say why the heck not :3

      You did the right thing by adapting the replay to your own situation, kudos to you!  Keep it up and you'll find every new adventure a rewarding one.

      Best of luck :)

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    • Think i'll say it here, there's a typo in your B109. Should be 3-2 not 3-4.

      Those night bombers looks damn gorgeous i'm so jelly lol. How much the bauxite cost for the upgrades? just for future reference. I cleared the sorties already, thinking to get at least one of the conversion done.

      Did you get the other one from ranking? you're in Hashirajima right? thats.. really impressive.

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    • Woopsie, fixed!

      Good to have someone keeping an eye on it, thanks :)

      Idk... I'm usually a few hundred pts away from T500 (Hashirajima) and that must've been a slow month.  lvl'ed a bunch of ships and accidentally made it I guess?  It's almost futile to rank on Hashi so I never did it, was really surprised when I got bunch of items when I logged in lol

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    • Been a while, how are you doin?

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    • Slowly losing interest in the game.. not having an event in months really hurts.

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    • Whoa, there's case like that too eh. I got (lucky) transferred out of Hashi so i feel kinda hyped. Though with recent changes in rl i won't be as active as i am before.

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    • Well there's been no new maps other than 6-5 in the past 2 years and regular maps are just chores tbh... too repetitive after a year or so.  Events were the only source of excitement for me, time between were solely spent on recharging and preparing for the next.  To go 5 months without new contents is really, really bad =.=

      Congrats on winning the lottery.  I'm still stuck in the hell hole orz

      My profile message... now look at these people =.=

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    • A FANDOM user
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