• I seen your fleet that you used, and I wanted to ask how effective was Yura with the 8cm with machine guns at killing PT IMPS? Was the often making hits, what was her total loadout?

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    • nope, I did not use aa gun

      actually,what I used is

      8cm+14 air radar for aaci

      for killing imp, I add akizuki gun and scout plane for cut in

      well, it is decent set up

      but the best is probably green gun+skilled look out (from choukai kai ni, kazagumo, etc.)

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    • Thank you

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    • good luck on duck hunting

      I got her with 5 runs

      looks like I used up all my luck with teruzuki and akizuki though, the e7 farming was a total failure, nothing good drop in e7

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    • Akizuki and Teruzuki are a bargin deal when it comes to future events atleast

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    • yeah

      btw, this was my e5 run that nailed akizuki (1 run)
      Akizuki in 1 run!
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    • A FANDOM user
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