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    Try put your Kasumi as flagship  then if you feel she's a taiha burden.

    CA(V) can be the boss finisher too so you can put those 2 after Saratoga

    The fleet arrangement can be like :

    1st > Kasumi (FS)

    2nd > Kirishima (2nd ship shelling cleaner on pre-node)

    3rd > Hatsuzuki

    4th - 5th > Your CA(V) based on your best one.

    6th > Saratoga

    Extra Note :

    1. The boss isn't Installation, so remove that Type 3 Shell, change to radar or Night battle equipment debuff.

    2. If you disgusted with Red-T, Saiun is recommended. Otherwise try add Bomber if you can get AP / AS in Boss.

    3. LBAS should be either 3 Bombers + 1 Fighter / Full bomber.

    4. Try Sparkling / Support expedition if you haven't try yet

    This map should be easy. Your fleets is strong enough to tackle hard based on my pov & hard reward is worth enough of your try.

    Goodluck dude.

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