should the info about fatigue and sparkle be merged? I tried to write down the plus and minus of those stuff and it became kinda messy and confusing. It might be easier if I just group them in terms of either fatigue or in terms of sparkle value.

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    • I would suggest merging all of that (and possibly change the whole Fatigue page as well) to a section called "Morale", the sparkling effects and the orange/red faces could be expained under that section. A morale of less than XX would cause orange faces etc, which I think is better than the current jumbling of morale/fatigue etc. 

      As for the +- part, I think just a line on top explaining that fatigue and morale/sparkling value have an inverse relationship should be alright (since some users get confused about this whole morale/fatigue business as you can see from the fatigue page comments).

      The values after that can then be in terms of morale points (return from sortie = -15 morale points, MVP = +10 morale points) to make it clear.

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    • sounds better that way. I'll try to rewrite the how to calculate fatigue page. Its just so hard to read with that whole page of words.

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    • here its done

      The stuff in the table under Effects looks weird and I've no idea how to make it align to left. 

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    • Looks like SlashZero fixed the alignment issue for you.

      Regarding the effects of Mamiya, under which situations will the morale be reset to 50 and 40? Currently it's stated that it will be reset to 40 for 0-39 morale and reset to 50 for 0-49 morale, which doesn't sound right.

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    • I believe it's random

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    • yea im quite confused about that too...Its written that way in wikiwiki. there seems 2 different types of morale recovery.

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      • [Expedition] Higher chance of triggering Support Expedition #33/#34.

      the reason I wrote only exp33 is because support expedition 34 will occur 100% at boss node even without sparkle, unlike exp33 which triggers by chance

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    • That is not true.


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    • yes, thats exp34


      but if u notice, they wrote that without fatigue it will occur at about 90% rate. they didnt mention sparkling affect the boss node support.

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    • Yes, so it doesn't always have a 100% chance of activating if you believe that page.

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    • SlashZero
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    • If you bothered to read one line further on that page, you would find it says

      旗艦を戦意高揚(キラキラ)にしていれば支援発生確率を大きく上げることが出来ます。 特に決戦支援は、ほぼ確実に来てくれるようになります。

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    • the blue line is the conclusion saying sparkling flagship increase overall support occur rate. The other line is for special event support expedition. Well...just make it the way u think its correct. I might be wrong although I've never seen my boss support expedition fail even with flagship slightly fatigued.

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