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    See also: Seasonal/New Year 2017

    Iowa Houshou Yamakaze Akitsushima
    Iowa New Year Full Houshou New Year Full Yamakaze New Year Full Akitsushima New Year 2017 Full

    See also: Seasonal/New Year 2016

    Yamashiro Fusou Akitsushima Mizuho Nenohi Yuugumo
    Yamashiro New Year Full Fusou New Year Full Akitsushima New Year Full Mizuho New Year Full Nenohi New Year Full Yuugumo New Year Full
    Yamashiro New Year Full Damaged Fusou New Year Full Damaged Akitsushima New Year Full Damaged AV Mizuho 451 Full Damaged Nenohi New Year Full Damaged Yuugumo New Year Full Damaged
    Taigei Katori I-401 Ushio Makigumo Amagi
    Taigei New Year Full Katori New Year Full I-401 New Year Full Ushio New Year Full Makigumo New Year Full Amagi New Year Full
    Taigei New Year Full Damaged Katori New Year Full Damaged I-401 New Year Full Damaged Ushio New Year Full Damaged Makigumo New Year Full Damaged Amagi New Year Full Damaged
    Hoppo new year
    1. New CG for the following girls:
    2. Old CG coming back for the following girls:
    • New furniture:

    New Year 2017 Chain quest

    Time-limited quests, until next maintenance (around mid-January).

    ID Requirements FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite Rewards Note
    BSB19 謹賀新年!「水雷戦隊」出撃始め!
    Happy New Year! Start sortieing with a Torpedo Squadron!
    Use a torpedo squadron consisting of a CL as flagship and 5 DD.

    S rank the boss nodes of World 1-2, World 1-3 and World 1-4.

    0/ 2017/ 0 / 0 Instant repair 2 X 3

    Repair goddessRepair Goddess

    Requires: (?)
    BSB17 新春「伊良湖」のお手伝い!
    Assist 'Irako' during the New Year!
    Use an AV, DD or TaigeiTaigei Banner as flagship.

    S rank World 2-3 boss node 3 times.

    2017/ 0/ 0 / 0 Food supply ship irako"Irako" X 3

    Food supply ship mamiya"Mamiya" X 1

    Requires: B89
    BSB19 時代が来たか!航空火力艦なお正月!
    The new era has arrived! Celebrate the New Year with aviation firepower!
    Bring a fleet with a BBV as flagship, which consists of at least 2 BBV and 2 CAV.
    S rank World 4-2 boss node 3 times.
    0/ 0/ 2017/ 0 Improvement Materials X 3

    Furniture fairyFurniture Fairy

    Choose one of the following:

    Requires: B90, B18
    BSB20 迎春!「空母機動部隊」出撃開始!
    Happy New Year! Sortie the Carrier Task Force!
    Use a fleet consisting of CV(B) as flagship and 2 DD.

    S rank World 3-5 boss node 3 times.

    0/ 0/ 0 / 2017 Skilled Crew Member IconSkilled Crew Member

    New furniture

    Requires: B91


    • New Years Scroll 2017NEW!
    • New Year's Eve Scroll 2017NEW!

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    • From the Reddit thread about this update, it seems that B18 might be a prerequisite for B91 as well, since B91 isn't showing up if you clear B90 but not B18.  Folks over there are working to confirm that.  If so, you'll be clearing 4-2 with that comp four times, once for B18 and thrice for B91.  (Edit: per comments on this Reddit thread, clearing B18 after B90 did bring up B91, so it's confirmed.)  Also, for B89, it seemed that you could clear it with a CL flagship and as few as three DDs.

      B92... oh, this is fun, not, at least on my third attempt I got to Hoppo and her cute new CG before someone was taiha'd...  Hoppo, I got a cute little statue of you for my birthday, please be merciful...  The boss node there has to be S ranked three times, btw (info again from that Reddit thread).

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    • Looks like I got pretty lucky for the quest clearance.

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    • Tadano Hitoshi wrote: Looks like I got pretty lucky for the quest clearance.

      How so?
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    • seems like "Requires: B90" - still not enough for B91. just finished 3 S ranks at 2-3 and B91 didn't pop up/

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    • Mindwarp42, maybe it's too late but here is what i have for this question:

      currently listed quests are:

      А:41, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 

      B: 18(done), 22, 26, 44, 57, 58, 65, 

      i listed what i have at quest menu, so maybe this result could tell you something.

      at my situation after clearing B18 new quest popped up immediately.

      B18 done
      New quest poped up after B18
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    • @Aredel, edited my original reply a few hours ago to confirm that B18 is also a requirement after Redditors confirmed that.  I don't know if I have the ability to edit the original post and if so how to do so, so hopefully mods will catch this.  May RNG-sama smile on your attempts to clear the whole chain - B92 is enjoying my salt (just need one more run to make it to the boss node and S rank it, but also need my girls not to get taiha'd on the way...).  Edit: complaining didn't quite help, but I managed to clear B92 a minute before the daily quest reset, so also cleared the "heal 5 damaged ship girls" daily right away also.  Again, may RNG-sama bless eveyone else still working on this quest chain.

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    • Ar-cen-ciel wrote:

      Tadano Hitoshi wrote: Looks like I got pretty lucky for the quest clearance.

      How so?

      Nothing really, there are several points in the quests that made me think "This will be a drag" very, very hard. But I got them done with time to spare for the day, thank goodness.

      Now back to work.

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    • So out of three choices for the recon planes, which one would be better choice? 

      I have none of these. 

      Any info or help would be appreciated!

      And Happy New Year!!

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      Its basically a choice between the Shiun and OS2U, as the Ro.43 is craftable with an Italian ship IIRC. Shiun is probably the better choice, especially if you don't have Akashi.

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    • A FANDOM user
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