• I can answer any questions you might have about the Kancolle Movie. What would you like to know?

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    • 1 is that Combine Fleet really animated? i mean that's really this movie bring COmbine Fleet? who member's join the Combine Fleet?

      2. Kisaragi really become abyssal right? but how she's become turn of them? and what happen after that?

      3 is Mutsuki really meet Kisaragi abyss and sunk her?

      4 how about night battle? 

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    • I just found out that wall messages still show up on the public news feed for everyone to see, which means that I cannot discuss movie spoilers here. :(

      I can answer questions 1 and 4 though:

      1.) Yes, one of the highlights of the movie is that it shows an epic combined fleet combat, fully animated with ultra-high budget 2D HAND DRAWN animation, with a few top-tier 3D CG animation. Yes, you've heard me right. :)

      4.) Same with night battle; the movie shows a gorgeously-animated night battle sequence, complete with star shell and searchlight combat.

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