• Enemy Vessel page's table width is way too high now. Can you shrink it back?

    And don't undo my edits, plz

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    • Yeah, my monitor is 4:3 rate, and I have a scrolling suffering now

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    • I don't undo it... Edit conflict, maybe?

      And please be patient if you expect my reply. I'm not 24/7 staying in this wiki.

      For the width, I enlarge it to prevent creating too much lines on one page. I'll see if I can shrink it down while keep the lines intact

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    • I mean "do not undo if you're going to fix it"

      And yeah, I'm quite patient. I just was thinking about why it works like this. Looks like it is seen normally on 1920 width (I gave the link to some guys, the one is seeing it fine and others are not).

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    • It's 950px wide, and after few tries it seemed that it's the minimum width I can achieve, without making the table extremely line-consuming.

      It's already too much information forced to be fitted in one single table to begin with.

      The alternative is to drop out the equipment and notes section, and let all curious reader to access each ship's respective link for details. If we do that, I can revert the width back to what it used to be, 650-700px wide.

      Also speaking of width, since this wiki has style of forcing lot of lines of information into tables, most of tables here are more than 700px wide, which for 4:3 monitor, it'll requires ton of scrolling left and right. FYI, your monitor is same as mine, 4:3 resolution.

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    • Well, let me think a bit

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    • Dropping out details from the table need Admin opinion though, since it can be defined as altering the basic format of a page, which commonly in every wiki will need admin opinion/agreement. :)

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    • Okay, I tried to adjust width with % now, though it's a bit hard. still, everything except equip/notes looks quite fine.

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    • A FANDOM user
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