• Please don't ever turn a public viewing page that is otherwise not a comment or on your own user space (Profile page or User blog for instance) into your own little rants. Fall 2016 E-2 subcheese case Fall 2016 E-2 subcheese case1

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    • Lmao that is not even a rant, it is the viable truth, it only needs a proper edit (which I saw minutes earlier)............

      Rather than letting the general players do the subcheesing with high hopes, I only posted a warning about it, so that they won't be expecting too much on a method that is too much bait......albeit with not the right words, hoping for someone to edit it properly, and it did....

      Don't make up conclusions immediately when you don't know the purpose of it.....

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    • If it is not a rant;

      • Where are your sources for Sub-cheesing fleet is a waste of bucket, time and a bit of sanity?
      • Why must you put emphasis on that in bold typeface?
      • What is with this bold typefaces on your own personal opinion in "devs ninja patching" this and again where are your sources?
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    • Check the logs, before those two statements I placed on the tips have been edited, I never even set the two points of mine in bold, then someone probably agreed with me, and he instead edited it and made that statement bold....

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    • I honestly don't give a shit whether it was bolded out or not and unlike Crazy teitoku, I am not so nice. Tracking down your edits isnt hard:

      • Devs probably noticed how E-2 is going to be easy with sub fleet, they applied a ninja patch to it for sub fleet to be pretty much useless already.

      Where did you even get the idea that the dev applied a patch to make subs useless? Where is your fucking proof? I have gotten plenty of confirmation that you can subcheese E-2 and I myself actually even did it on HARD not long ago.

      • This composition will most of the time end up in a dead end node, even with guaranteed minimum LoS of 14 or exceeding until 34 LoS (using 4 Type 0 planes). Sub-cheesing fleet is a waste of buckets, time, and a bit of sanity

      Again, where is your fucking proof of your claims? I am the owner of those google spreadsheets on the front page and I have specifically used this method to collect information in order to make the information as accurate as possible.

      We have front liners charging in blindly to collect information for us and we put those information to good use by actually giving the people statistically accurate facts, so that they understand the map better. Instead, we have fucking people like you wasting our time by posting false information on the front page while also trying to ruin our hard work that we are trying to build. Dont you even realize how many people you're going to dupe by putting such nonsense there?

      Dont do this again, any edits like this and we will treat it as vandalism while also taking proper actions against you, you have been warned.

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    • Back up your claims next time I was the one that personally had to re-edit that section after it drew A LOT of flak from subsidiary fansites and fanbases.

      Should you feel the need to point out the truth, do it either in discussion or with another active staffer such as User:Shinhwalee in order to gain peer review. Remember, this game is highly subjective, what took you everything to achieve can take someone else barely anything. RNG's periods and what not.

      Bottom line is: Provide evidence to support your claims, otherwise your truth is considered just as unreliable as your target of criticism.

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