• Simple question, why the page is locked?

    I'd like to work on the table (since some are quite bad for me) but of course I cannot edit it.

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    • I wasn't the one who locked it, the other admins locked it probably because they didn't want people to mess around with the naming or something like that. \

      Which parts do you think need editing? 

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    • I mostly edit about the layout here, since it's quite uncomfortable to read inconsistent tables. If you haven't realized, all tables in the page has different size and width.

      I'm one of those who build up the layout for the sortie page (although not all of them), as well as Combat page.

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    • I believe that's wikia derping around with the layout so I can't really help you edit the thing. I think you should drop a comment at the Suggestion page so that they can help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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