• Hey, I saw your edit on 1-3 regading percentage. Can you provide the source (like, a link, and not just "according to JP wiki")?

    If you can provide the source it will be great otherwise I need to remove it.

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    • Hi, this is the source:

      When you click on the plus sign beside この海域について, then the relevant part pops up (for that rumor). For the branching rule, the plus sign beside ルート分岐法則 has to be clicked.

      Is this enough?

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    • Yup.

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    • Rumor or not, it doesnt really have a place here on a stage guide. I'm purging it.

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    • What I mean is, the part where it says that having lower level fleets has a higher chance of reaching the boss. Thats a rumor and basically does not contribute to a stage guide, hence why I removed it. Until there is substantial evidence proving that there is a basis behind one's fleet being lower leveled giving you a higher chance to reach the boss node, it doesnt really belong in a stage guide.

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    • Oh, he add those too? I didn't notice that. Welp, that's valid to purge.

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    • And still it might help people a lot who are doing the map, rumor or not (it helped me a lot).

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    • Rumor is highly bounded to bias. The problem is that, as you said, it "helped me a lot", but what about others? This might turn out to be false as we obtain more samples. Unless you can provide a large sample size regarding the 'rumor', it is best to leave it out to avoid misleading majority of the people even if some people try it.

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    • When something is not working for a person and they try it over and over, and it just doesn't seem to work (which happens *a lot* in this game), they will be very happy about any rumor that apparently helped some people (especially since information about this game often kept hidden). Sure, it might be wrong, but it might actually be right, and in latter case, not letting people know this additional information is quite...well.

      My suggestion: Why not just tag it clearly as 'rumor' so that people can decide for themselves if they want to try it out or not? That way, they will at least know the info/rumor, but will also know that it isn't confirmed.

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    • As I stated before, rumors have no place in a stage guide. If there is actually a reasonable sample proving that what you said could be true, then it is an "unconfirmed" mechanic, except you have no proof to back this silly rumor up. The wikia here is to provide valid information to people who play this game, not give people some unconfirmed rumor and false hope.

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    • Let me use an baseless example of a rumor gone wrong: "Using 6 SS for E-2 Fall Event is horrible because the devs did a ninja patch that render them useless".

      First of, where did that rumor come from? Then, Who put it there? Why was it there? 6 SS sounds nice but now I can't use it? When did the dev did a ninja patch? etc.

      There is indeed a distinction, a less harmful rumor like "I heard Prinz only drop in node M formation 2" is still in an acceptable range as that does not stop players from doing it just destroy some hope.

      But stuffs like Branching rules and Compositions are serious business. You waste time, rsc and if event comes, ships to try and do something that is based of rumor. It's even worse than doing a lottery because this one doesn't have a definite reward for doing it.

      Let's say we accept this one "Rumor", what can we say to other "rumor"? If we accept one, we accept all. Then rumors that is so ludicrious will fly by and there's nothing to stop them because we accept all rumors. By the end, I won't be surprise if we have a rumor that said "You should play at Night Time JST like 01:00 while clearing E-3 for greater success because the enemy are sleeping"

      Rumor is the bane of all database. If infected, render us as useless as anyone trying to explain a theory against a "it's just a dream" answer.

      As I said before, if there's a definite source to provide it then it'll be a bit more acceptable, like the 30/70% thing, but the whole "lower level" thing is another issue.

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    • I know that there are wrong rumors, and I also saw and shook my head about that ninja patch thing (but well, editing is locked in the event section, right? So it was probably someone from the admin team who put it there, I guess. My guess would be that it was Death Usagi, cuz she jumps a lot to conclusions that sound right to her, but that's now really just a guess).

      That's why I said that rumors could be tagged clearly as 'rumor' or just have a small rumor section for each page (the comment section is too messy for that). I mean, this rumor is also in the 'acceptable' range, since using lower-level ships on 1-4 doesn't harm you at all. If anything, it's a change from what one was doing before that, which is kinda nice in those "trying nonstop" situations with the increasing saltmeter. But yeah, I admit that it was wrong of me to put in there without any source. From the japanese wiki comments I could only pick up that for many, the lower route seemed much more probable than 1/3.

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    • 1) Lock editing =/= Admin/staff only edit. It's call "User edit" only for some reason.

      2) You can always search history to figure out who put it (how do you think we know you add that rumor?)




      Next time, an idea of researching a bit before accusing someone of something will help you a lot in life.

      3) First, let's consider who will get affected the most by the 1-3 tip. You said "It doesn't harm you at all", right? Yes, I accept, I am not affect by the rumor being there or not at all.

      So who are affected by this, old players? No, newbies. And they don't really have that much option nor supplies and ships. Now, what effect does lower level ship has? Lower evasion and lower stats overall (I'm assuming no new players full mod their ship already). It is suggesting newer players to sortie out lower level ship based on that rumor. Sure, old players will barely get affected by it, but it is horrible for newbies. Hence, it is not in the 'acceptable' range I am talking about and is therefore, harmful.

      Now, how is that different from what I used as an example? Mine doesn't hurt anyone more than what they're already experiencing. You heard a rumor that 1/3 of the formation doesn't give you Prinz? It's fine, there's still the other two. It doesn't hurt. You can still farm as long as you have the capability to farm. It does not suggest you to do something that will harm you more than what you're already doing to yourself. Only your sanity suffers and that's what everyone who play this game suffers with.

      4) And I will say it again, how many rumor will we be accepting if we consider any rumor plausible?

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    • By lower level I mean around and less than 50, which is more than a perfectly fine level to clear 1-4. Also, I think anything related to 1-4 can't be labeled as 'horrible' because of how easy the map is (at least, regarding the fighting).

      Anyway, it's fine. Personally I still believe that rumors which are obviously wrong will be easily confirmed as wrong, while rumors which might be true will stick. But well, if this wiki doesn't want any rumors, then it's fine and I will have to accept that.

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    • What we are trying to prevent are rumors, which might be true, but will stick due to the believe that it is true.. That's the type of rumor that should be ridden the most.

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    • A FANDOM user
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