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    04:12, July 16, 2016

    A proposal to change the translation of 特型内火艇 has been put forward by User:Qunow.

    After deliberation among community translators, the following changes are being proposed:

    • Equipment category "特型内火艇" to be changed from "Special Amphibious Landing Craft" to "Special Amphibious Tank"
    • Equipment "特二式内火艇" to be changed from "Special Type 2 Amphibious Tank"

    The change from landing craft to tank was considered acceptable as the equipment category icon suggests all equipment in that category will be amphibious tanks.

    ICE Craft and Motor Launch, among other alternative translations, were put forward but rejected due to the obscurity and lack of clarity of those terms.

    After a period of 1 week, if there are no significant concerns raised the change will be implemented on this wiki (and probably KC3Kai and certain forks of KCV).

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    • Just one thing: Why do I see "Topic changed by 8 hours ago" below your post? That's my IP address, as well as my ID before I got my wikia account last July. No one is supposed to be using that identity now, let alone editing the topic, or title, of someone else's post.

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    • Wikia-forum-bug

      That is actually a bug with wikia, for some reason it also appears from my end that I am the one who edited the topic.

      In the second screenshot, that is from Special:RecentChanges page but with yet a different IP address showing that the topic was changed.

      I think it is somewhat safe to ignore it if it shows your IP address. It doesn't mean necessarily that you have changed it especially if the Special:RecentChanges page states otherwise.

      Crazy teitoku CONTENT/DISCUSSION MODERATOR TalkBlogContributionsEdit Count 15:04, July 5, 2016 (UTC)

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    • RFC period has passed and the proposal has been implemented.

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