• I noticed that you have started prototyping Sandbox/Summer_2016_Event. Because がか and myself are working on creating a scaffolding for not just Sandbox/Summer_2016_Event, we would like to extend our invitation to you.

    The idea here would be that we use Discord to communicate and coordinate the tasks required, therefore it would be ideal for you to join with us in a bid to prevent double handling on certain tasks. As well of course, with collaboration comes with work being cut out, etc.

    Thanks for your hard work and looking forward to seeing you onboard Discord for prototyping!

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    • I'm sorry for my late response.  Thanks for your invitation to the Summer 2016 Event project.

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    • Don't worry about late response, it will be great if you could come aboard on Discord again so that you'll be both updated on what is happening with the event templates as well as contributing better if need be.

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    • JFI, the idea was not to have any old info in new event pages (like Summer 2016 Event now has Spring info and a placeholder notice again).

      Edit: I moved those pages back under Sandbox. Somewhere in July Template:Event should be finished, so you can see how it supposed to be used (basically just less wikitext, but simpler calls to templates, auto-generated drop/enemy info, and no placeholders/old info).

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    • A FANDOM user
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