• We have discussed this informally in chat about establishing a separate channel of communications for staffers such as admins and moderators but also a few normal users too who will be actively editing the event pages during the event.

    To avoid double editing or conflicts and to seek help from each other, CrazyTeitoku and Rephira have suggested that we use Discord. I was leaning towards Skype a bit more, but Discord is without a doubt more useful due to it's ability to have sub-channels.

    In anycase, I know that most of us are loners or such, but being organized as a team is quite important too, it could be useful to you since you might avoid things like:

    • Double-editing a page at the same time when another staff member is actively working on it.
    • Discussing the correct course of action. Are you unsure if you should add this information? Don't worry! You can ask other staffers about their opinions! Remember, we are not your superiors, we are your peers. Peer review is important!
    • Translation peer reviews, unsure if you translated correctly or idiomatically? We have a separate channel for translators to work together in!
    • A back-up chat for us staffers, in case the main Wikia's chat goes down as of late

    This is a relatively new thing on our behalf, so there might be a lot of trial and error, but that will be a lesson for us to better prepare for next times.

    Anyway, without further ado, these are the list of candidates I know so far who will most likely be editing a lot and should be given an invitation. We need their co-operation. If I haven't noticed someone, please bring it to my attention! Contact me, CTTK or Rephira on the Wikia chat or message walls to be given an invitation key to the discord (that expires in 24h) or ask me on skype (saimcderp), if you are unable to use Discord. Let's make this event a great one!

    P.S: I know some of you might disagree with each other or simply don't like certain users. I ask of you to cast aside your differences and be professional and helpful. We need you!

    P.S #2: Remember, you are not expected to do anything major, we simply ask for your presence and attention to know what others are doing to avoid chaotic edits as much as we can. Do your best!

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    • So where's the link to Discord and Skype channels?

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    • Please come to chat! I'm still trying to sort out the Discord to avoid people mass joining it :/

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    • (peek)

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    • (lurk)

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    • A FANDOM user
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