• Hum, hello there, sorry to bother you for such a stupid question, but I happened to recall a familliar face (Take that with a grain of salt) when I saw your TTK name in the game. (And oh, congratulations for clearing this goddamn 6-4 !)

    I just wanna know if you are the same person as showed here. (If yes, oh lord, it brings me back some memories.)

    Feel free to ignore this message if you don't want to answer, it's embarrassing for me to come and ask such things like that already (Like, as if I was stalking or something, yeah, it's shit.)

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    • Oh hey there! yeah that's me.

      But that's strange... i dont think i was good enough to be known in osu?, sorry man, currently im trying so hard to think of who you might be but i just cant picture it at all, could you clear it for me? xD

      And thanks, that 6-4 was damm though, but the satisfaction of clearing these kind of maps is one of the things i like the most out of kancolle.

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    • Heeeeh yeah .... I brought that up because ....... I remember where I was searching for a skin back then. (It's totally unrelated with Kancolle, so silly orz)

      Then I saw this. It's self-explanatory, I happened to come across the same name and wondered if you were that person. (I'm actually grateful even after 5 years, and just found out that we both have the same favorite characters in 2 different games, double the silly !)

      I never talked to you personally though. It's all coincidences and fun facts here and here, which proves once again that the world is tiny.

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    • Oh my god, im so sorry, i completely forgot about the skin since i stopped playing osu a long long time ago. 

      But seriously, thats one lucky coincidence, more so if its been 5 years after you saw that post at osu; maybe i should look on my HDDs and check if the skin is still around there and see if i can do something with it, cus after reading the thread a feeling of guiltiness stroke me hard (haven't touched gimp in years so it might be pointless hahaha)

      And i see you're a chat moderator? maybe i should stop by the kancolle chat for once and say hi ^^

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    • Huh, in fact the topic was fresh when I saw it for the first time. So it's really an old thing I remembered for no reason.

      I kindly re-uploaded it later on but didn't verify if the link survived. Seems like someone else did the same on the last page (doesn't matter since I have the 2 versions myself, nothing is lost.)

      I got promoted as chat moderator a month ago, consider me as a new recruit in the chat police. Don't hesitate to stop by from time to time, there's always some people hanging around due to the timezone magic.

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