• Sorry, redoing this thread yet again.

    Basically here was what I wrote:


    Just a bit of heads up that I eventually got to the bottom of the issue with </li> - it appears that if you are using Internet Explorer for instance it would appear to show them incorrectly. Kudos for IloveSuiseiseki for pointing it out.

    So what I have done instead is replaced all instances of <li> with a "newline character" and the MediaWiki's code markup for unordered lists/bullet points. Hopefully now your Internet Explorer won't give you issues with that.

    Also I noticed you were briefly in chat for a bit before you left yesterday. Just fyi, you can't go into private messages with someone and then leave the chat. Not sure why you're somewhat elusive otherwise :> I am not going to bite you or anything. I just wanted to talk to you so that we can sort these things out quicker collectively speaking rather than resorting to bounce messages off each other's message walls and be in anticipation for replies.

    Old threads just for your records:

    I really need to learn how to wrap those code markups of sorts in <nowiki></nowiki> formats to prevent them from being used. ><'

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    • A slight bump in this conversation. I would like to point out that we now have plans sort of under way to renovate Enemy Vessel page.

      It would be nice if you can provide some feedback here.

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