• Hi there! Its seem that you helped me add all the link of enemy's equipments. At first, I tried to add all the link but then the time ran out and i still had school so i have been very busy lately and only completed half of them, now thanks to you, its kinda done i suppose...

    Still , i cant edit some part of it due to lacking of my lacking of code-editing knowledge , but i found 2 parts on the page that were wrong and i want you to fix it :

    + 2x guns + cutiefish torpedo will make enemy do DA at night not CI

    + There are some "ii"  and "II" characters on several cells

    Lastly, it could be nice if you can bring the color back... like you know.... elite = red , flagship = yellow ........

    Oh and big thanks for adding SS, CL Hime and DWD in, i expect that someone would do it sooner or later on.

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    • Ok. I’ll try to fix them. But I do in phases for much information.

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    • Actually most of that work belonged to IloveSuiseiseki and myself. You might want to refer here to see what I mean.

      Initially the three extra bosses were added in as a comment, my intentions was to sort of keep it as an "easter egg" despite large demands to have them included in the page when theoretically we were meant to be migrating to a new layout in the sandbox as suggested in the Ambox on the top of the Enemy Vessels page. However, Rambern4 discovered that little easter egg of mine and fixed a few extra things that I wasn't aware of at the time. Kudos goes out to Rambern4 for that part.

      Now to bring you guys up to scratch considering there's probably a few of us that are actually editing that page:

      • the </li> code won't work - it renders as a raw text on my end which breaks the looks.
      • whilst the correct syntax would have matching
      • and </li> codes, on this wiki I find there is no need to insert an ending form. I have used just
      • alone on a few places and it works just fine.
      • correct mediawiki formatting would have saw the use of the literal * but I threw that out in favour of the HTML fashion as that leaves less white space around the literal bullet point.
      • Using Google Chrome-like browser here, latest version and yes all the extra </li> just renders up as raw code on the page itself. I threw what was the "good" copy of that page back into the Draft page. If in case you want to know which "revision" it was, it was this one
      • I had a reason for using bullet points for their equips, it was to be used roughly as a guide to see which of their equipment slots holds what. Besides it may also help those would see the equipments as a single blob link.
      • One of the two things that I picked up on was that there were lots of newlines used for each of the enemy equips. I use a text editor here rather than editing the pages directly on the browser for major tasks and instead of having a literal newline I personally prefer the use of
        or the line break syntax as that is somewhat easier to view the blobs of enemy vessels.
      • The other thing was that on the Draft version which saw some editing at least a day ago I have sort of decided on a personal basis to drop the colouring around the "battle card" itself. Partly because two other users voiced their distaste over it and one of them happens to be the one whom was working with me on the Draft version of the page before I pushed that back onto the proper page. Let me know if either of you wants to retain the colouring around those enemy battle cards or not so that hopefully we're all on the right pages for these parts.
      • Ultimately for the combo column, we should consider just sticking to pure text format. Hayashi H expressed the double standards with equipment icons used for the majority of the page but then all of the sudden there were words like "Double attack" as pure text. Later on I got him to convert those all of what was those enemy vessel combos into text format. He did it in the Draft page which never got implemented until just yesterday for the main page. Let me know of your thoughts on this.
      • For now I am probably just going to keep poking at the current layout with the enemy vessel page. I would like however feedback from editors like yourselves who happen to have contributed at least one edit on that page to either suggest or agree with a new layout for that page. Currently,
      • there's no template to organise this, it is very old fashioned with the values needing to be manually input. Subsequently, it adds lots of "bloat" to the source code for the page.
      • the layout for the page is virtually a year old, with the future inclusion of new enemy vessels we're soon bound to hit a limit with certain template inclusion. For now I am using Template:ShipBattleCardKai by Ckwng but ultimately the page can only hold up to a specific amounts of transclusion before it may break like it is sort of happening on Quests page. For more information about the transclusion limitations, you may want to refer to this post on SmokeyTheButt's message wall.
      • Stymphalian ID.27 pointed out Vietnamese's variant of the enemy vessel page and I personally quite like it but would still prefer to add a few more personal touches so that it won't look like we basically ripped it off the Vietnamese's site. For reference, see here.
      • I don't want to alienate you on this Minhfongboy, I do like your contribution to that enemy vessel page but I would strongly prefer you to try and use the source editor if possible. When I tried to add the three new bosses from Fall 2015 Event based on a few comments below demanding for it. My browser tab crashed just as I was about to finish off with the editing. When I took the whole source code for the page out to manually add the three stuff in I noticed over the years we have at least three different standards to display the information on the page. Worst case was where I noticed your edits via Visual Editor added things like "font-weight: normal" to virtually every line which really added lots of unnecessary bloat.
      Right now, I am trying my best to shave off all these bloats on the page as I am also certain that trying to add something to what was the page back then for some computer with limited hardware specifications would be a daunting task.

      TL;DR - I think I should have moved this whole thing into a forum thread because not only I can involve other Enemy Vessel page regular contributors but also with the amount of things I listed.

      Also, in hindsight if you guys were on Special:Chat more frequently and do end up chatting more, you probably could have prevented me from "pooling" all my ideas on that single page into a massive text wall. Pacman Anyway, let me know if we should move this ultimately onto a forum thread.

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    • I have reverted to the last known good revision. Please re-do your changes in the source editor and use the preview to make sure you aren't spamming the page with invalid html.

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    • A FANDOM user
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