• It's been a while~ \^.^/ *hugs* *hugs*

    I was hoping you're doing fine till I saw your fleet composition posts >.<

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    • Hey there! Been kind of busy with classes so sorry for the late reply (also the internet service of the place im living in gets cut off constantly)

      Yeah the event was quite easy, if i remember correctly i finished E-5, getting Graf and Arashi on the 3rd or 4th day, the only problem was that i had connection problems and got disconnected a lot of times during sorties.

      How did you do on the event? or are you still clearing/farming?

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    • Yeah! I was worried why you have "CAT Cache problems" in your sortie records D: :( T.T.... To get disconnected during sorties.... that's really irritating and resource wasteful!!!! >:3

      But it's good you cleared everything now! \^.^/!!

      I was on a hiatus until a friend told me there's a "new- new- NEW ship in town!" So I was 2 weeks late -.-....

      Just finished E-4(hard w/ only 1 ship damaged @_@) after increasing my number of Type 3 Sonar/Depth Charge from 6 to a total of 20-25 in 60-80 tries! >.<!!

      It's actually funny that I CAN'T debuff the boss!! cuz I CAN'T kill the PT boats!!! D:!!! And becuz of that, also the Anchorage... T.T.....

      Currently thinking if I should still do E-5... it easy? easy? easy?? @.@?? :3 >.<!!

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    • Graf is not actually a strong ship (referring to stats) but i liked her art design and had run out of CV/Ls to use, so if you're looking for strong ships statwise then you dont miss much. 

      Hehe, i ignored the debuff mechanic completely this event, even for E-5. I think E-5 was also easy, i guess it depends on you having 4 high lvl DDs, other than that its just buckets and very little resources.

      If you dont have many buckets (150-200 more or less) then Hagikaze might not be worth the hassle, if you like her just go for it.

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