• Hi! Just wanted to know how the farming for Prinz is going? c:

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    • Sorry I discovered there's the "My wall" function just now. (T__T)

      It was hard, and painful, but I managed to clear the event (albeit not all on hard)

      And I even got pretty much everything I wanted

      Prinz,Graf,Akizuki, Arashi, Uzuki, Hagikaze, Tanikaze...

      I only missed a second Akashi, but I can live with it.

      I hope your Event was as good as mine ^__^

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    • Didn't get any of the new ships. I do have Akizuki and Prinz from last year, but after 527 runs, and no Graf was given, I just cleared everything on Hard. Pretty salty, yeah.

      Heck, I'm already HQ level 114, and I still don't have a first Akashi.

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    • Holy TTK on the thrice damned rollerblades, 527 runs?! (O_o)" Sorry for being untactful, I jumped the gun. 

      And I thought my 165 for Graf were salty!...

      I can only salute such a powerful dedication, on next event the RnG OUGHT to be better. (=_=)7

      [I just reached level 100 on this event, but I got my Akashi just 2 weeks before the event started, heck I still have to clear 5-2 for the first time, since I kept farming for her and Taigei in 2-5 XD]

      Can only extend my most deep regards, and hopes for a bountiful WInter Event then, may your drops be rare and plentiful, you surely deserve it more than me (T_T)

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    • I have no Akashi, no Ooyodo either. I wonder how I even survive through these events, lol.

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    • Probably with guts and sheer determination, and that's something you can't either farm or build.

      You should be proud of those achievements ^_^

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    • I'm starting to get the feeling that I've used up all my luck getting Yamato. Never got any of the rare drops anymore. Heck, I didn't get Isokaze after 1000 runs. Yep, counted that, lol.

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    • on this side I'm terribad with LSC, never got either Taihou,Yamato or Musashi despite 1-2 LSC every week xD

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    • At least you accomplish your goals, though. :P I rarely get drops. xd

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