• Forgot to tell you something. As I said use 2 of your strongest BB(V)s (Fusou and Kongou), 3 strongest CA(V)s (Nachi, Chikuma, Haguro) and Kaga. You can use Maya if you want, but her Firepower is rather low. If you'll use Haguro you may put her in flagship position so enemy attacks her less often. Make sure all your ships have maxed modernised stats on Firepower, Armor and Torpedoes for CAs. Equip all CAs with 2x 20.3cm (no.2 or no.3) + Seaplane + Type 3 Shell. Have one ship with Type 98 Night Scout (you must've grinded Sendai K2 if you spammed 1-5). Put Zuiun on Fusou's biggest slot (same for Chikuma). Try using 46cm + proto 41cm on Fusou and 41cm + 35.6cm (proto 35.6 is better though) on Kongou to balance out accuracy. Put Type 3 shells on both BBs. Have Kaga equipped with 3 Reppuu + 1 Dive Bomber. Yes, you saw that right, do use red plane, so she attacks the trash instead. That way your sanshiki-equipped ships can concentrate on the boss during night battle. If you can get AS on Boss node, try putting the bomber on the 20-capacity slot (less chance of it wiped out by Tsu). All planes should be max proficiency, especially fighters and Zuiuns.

    With this composition go B-C-F-J-M route (that's what I use). Line Abreast on F node, Line Ahead on all others. Before heading out sparkle (important!) all your ships to 85 morale on 1-1. It greatly helps with evasion and accuracy. I know it's tedious but just do it if you wanna get that medal. On Boss node pray that you get Green T (while Red-T on all preboss nodes) or at least Parallel. Anything below just rekts your fleet while doing minor damage to the boss. If that happens, repair, resupply and try again. Keep trying as you have buckets. Get more from Daily Quests and Expedition 2 spam.

    It's the last day to clear it. Good Luck!

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    • Untitled1424551
      Made a deserpation move and brutal forced it one again, Nagato saved me in time :O

      However, i wouldnt even be happy about this victory much, because:

      1. Your compo doesnt work for me so i had not to listen to your advice and went with my own will, so you can say i betrayed you =.=. If it so then allow me to apologize, a lot =.=

      2. During last hour of october, i was thinking " oh well, last hour now, may as well go all out with 15 buckets left, even if i lost, at least i could get some exp to my BB " , i ran 2 times, first time got trolled in node H, second time brought me to this victory

      3. I made a dick move, had to use mamiya + irako with several self-sparkling to increase my evasion

      4. This clear highly depended on luck since:

      + Nagato taiha Ru kai at the beginning, this rarely happens because those warmech are hard to take down 

      + Wanko missed a shot but then Ne chuuha Kaga somehow (That crit)

      + in node H, random hellcat crit and Ru kai's crit out of nowhere

      + Wanko wiped Kongou before she had a chance to shoot

      5. When i took all of escort ships in day battle, wanko still had 420 Hp left, i thought i wouldnt make it but then Nagato crit over 200 dmg, which saved my sanity :O (That luck)


      TLDR : Basically, if Nagato hadnt killed Ru kai first and done that crit dmg on Wanko, i would have been dead already


      Summary : Compares to you, im still suck hard, because you cleared it with no other helps and only took few runs, while i tried like 15-20 times then made a dick move which is sparkling at the end

      (Dont wanna tell this to everyone but when i saw wanko got "headshot" , i screamed like a girl , my neighbor then looked at me through the window and thought i was crazy :D )

      God, so much RNG for one single map, but no, Air Defense Princess is bigger pain to deal with

      Finally I can sleep peac.... Oh wait tomorrow is november??? o.O GOD NO!! I dont wanna go back there!!!!! T______T

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    • As long as it worked for you, it's fine. It's not a dick move to sparkle your ships, but a viable tactic. I sparkle all the time on these EO maps. I do think it was a waste to use Mamiya+Irako combo. You can easily sparkle on 1-1. Anyway, congrats!

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    • so far the only maps i have to sparkle to win are 3-5 and 4-5 Final , also the only maps that i have to mix compo between form (3-5 Intital : North / Final : South - 4-5 Intital : CFJM / Final : CFHM)

      You are still better than me though, cleared it within 5-8 tries while mine took like over 20 tries just for last dance, i admire at your skill at times

      Ok this month should get a medal now, got 1 catapult, either shoukaku or zuikaku for next remodel, which one do you prefer?

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    • Both. But I guess Shoukaku first (lower remodel level to CVB). I'll remodel her as soon as I clear 1-5 today and get the 4th medal. Then 3 more from 2-5, 3-5 and 4-5. Zuikaku will have to wait till till I can get 1 more medal from event.

      Oh, btw, it's not much skill that takes to play this game (as long as you know who to send and what equipment to use), it's more about luck. But I haven't unlocked both 3-5 and 4-5 until 4 months into the game. Was preoccupied with Summer Event, but it paid off.

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    • I dont want to waste your time so i will make it short, i made a test about 4-5 :

      Ok so 2BB 3CA 1CV (5 Sanshiki) works fine for me furing intital, i wont complain any of that . But then sometimes when i go read comment of 4-5, i see some people use AP shell on BB instead of sanshiki, i wondered myself " what if equipping AP shell would make my BB kill Ru kai much easier " and i gave it a test with 2 AP shells on 2 different BBs. Result :

      Kancolle Minhfongboy 4-5 Test

      Kancolle Minhfongboy 4-5 Test

      Almost died , but then killed wanko somehow

      Worse than i expected.... =.=

      No wonder you only recommended me to use sanshiki, not ap shell, apperently either ap shell or sanshiki, ru kai will still fry them as usual. So may as well use 5 sanshiki to smack both ru kai and wanko at once

      Oh well , i will stick 5 sanshiki with 2BB 3CA 1CV (Intital) and 5BB 1CV (Final) for now =.=

      (And sure... Ru kai in chuuha still can kill someone.... Classic... ! )

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    • I would only place one AP shell on a flagship BB and only when using 5 BB + 1 CV fleets. At this month's 4-5 last dance I did just that. Put AP shell on Roma, while my 4 Kongou's were equipped with Sanshiki. The CV was Shoukaku K2A. The all fast fleet evasion bonus has let me get to the Boss in one piece. I was lucky that Roma targeted the correct ship at night battle (only Wanko and Ru Kai survived in day). She demolished Ru, then the Kongou's finished off Wanko with their T3 shells. However, this plan isn't really fullproof as you need a great deal of luck for your ships to actually target what you want them to target. It may work one time, but fail another time. As you've noticed, battleships in this game have a nasty habit of shooting at destroyers instead of big ships. Besides, high firepower BBs like Nagato, Yamato classes can usually kill Ru Kai in a double attack, so using all Sanshiki is probably safer.

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    • i see, thanks for your opinion, and lol what you said, its true that BB loves hitting DDs and avoid Ta/Ru at times,  but then when you do 5-3, when we want them to kill Wa, which is a small ship, they usually try to kill southern war princess instead :v

      I will try your 5BB 1CV with 1 ap shell in last dance next month then, i will let you know, for now, i should stockpile (Maybe hard though due to not having 5th FBB => No evasion bonus)

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    • oh wait i forgot, about 1CV, you only brought 3 reppuu, that means you may not get AS in node H because there is one formation with 252 Air Power, do i really have to do that too? Last time i made Kaga reppuu mule, just barely made it

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    • Well, there is only one pattern on H node that gives 252 AS, so it's not worth it to put more Reppuu. I only put enough for Boss node AS. I used 1 Reppuu (601), 2 Reppuu and 1 Suisei Egusa. Barely got enough AS. I could've used Kaga, but wanted to try out Shoukaku and her ability to attack when chuuha.

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    • (And its funny that i faced that 252 AS pattern - 2 hellcat + 2 ru kai - more than other patterns)

      Ah its just RNG.... or i am eternally cursed with that formation :O

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    • Shoukaku kai 2 mfb
      well there goes, worth :P

      only 1-5 left to clear...

      A little irrevelant note here :

      I dont know the way how you clear EO, but for me, i intend to clear the hardest EO > easiest EO . I do that just to save my sanity, to get rid of the most annoying EOs (3-5/4-5) asap then i can relax and clear the rest of EOs with no problems

      For now , i alway clear 3-5 first then 2-5 and 1-5 , if i still have enough bucket after farming akashi in E3 then next month, im gonna go with 4-5 > 3-5 > 2-5 > 1-5. ( 5-5 still onhold but i will be ready to go if you go first, Archer! :P )

      You made me think 4-5 is feasible now, owe you a lot. :D (In the past, I couldnt even kill the boss in intital... )

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    • Untitled45531660mfb
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    • How I do EOs? I try to combine them with weekly/monthly quests.

      5-5? I haven't even done 5-3 yet. :V

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    • but that means... you cant unlock the heaven (5-4) for ranking as well  o.O

      5-3 isnt that bad, Ta often deals scartch so the only problem is whether Ri feels like she wanna cut in or not.

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    • Yes, yes, I'll get on with it after event ends. I also need to farm Naganami on 5-4 for the quest.

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    • first try , yolo with 6CV (I read comment and 6CV is said to be one of the best ways to clear this hellish map)

      Me : Um , that should be good enough, lets give it first try

      Re : DENIED!!


      Oh well, i will stop visiting Re for now, i will wait for your turn to go first then.

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    • Why don't you stop wasting res on 5-5 and concentrate on the event? There's a total of 5 medals you can get from it.

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    • still..

      Anyway you may wanna check world 4 comment, there is a guy stuck in 4-5 like me before, you can help him :P

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    • Untitled10085mfb
      bye bye that 180 slots 
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    • A FANDOM user
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