• Hello, hope you don't mind that I continue the discussion here. Also, sorry for the wall of text.

    First, thank you for replying in a nice and polite manner. Apparently, couldn't do this, so I want to point it out.

    About AkiTeru: I think an additional AACI setup isn't that unlikely. Let's look at 3-5. A common setup for a low-luck DD is 2 main guns + radar/whatever, and with the 10cmHA+AAFD, it can be easily turned into an AACI setup. Together with Aki or Teru in the team, it would increase the total trigger rate for AACI (about 84%, if the other DD has API 8), which is a good thing. Bad about it is, that because of AkiTeru's low API, the other destroyer would more likely trigger her weak AACI instead of AkiTeru's strong AACI. So you are forced to use only Aki/Teru instead of a setup which would increase AACI trigger rate.

    Of course, still, the fact that AkiTeru's AACI is very strong and only slightly weaker than Maya's, makes up for this. Also, you never know when your Maya(s) are locked away due to ship locking, so it's always good to have AkiTeru at hand. But, and this was also my reason of rage back then, that AkiTeru is not as great as everybody claimed. I personally think that it is logical to assume that the harder the challenge, the better the reward should be. And with that logic, I'd expect the reward for such an annoying map as E7 be something really awesome. But then I see that this reward, Teruzuki, is actually comparable, or even not as good as, Maya, a very common ship. Additionally, her torpedo stat is also lacking, so the only thing she is good at is AACI, and even with that, she isn't the best (despite having a crazy high AA stat). Also, the fact that Akizuki was given out so easily makes it even more disappointing that you have to work so hard now for the same thing. Of course, looking at other events, Teruzuki is still a much much better reward than Isokaze or Akitsushima. Still, it felt pretty disappointing to me. Looking back, I'm of course happy that I got Teru: Her guns are great, I can improve certain stuff with her (and don't need to prioritize leveling Fubuki anymore) and I can be more flexible with comp planning for next event in AA-heavy maps. So, yeah, she is pretty good, but not that super-duper-awesome as everybody says, imho. The fact that most people mention her cuteness as an argument for her doesn't help^^

    About ABKM: I always found ABKM's voice (and personality) really cute, so I don't like those people who hate her just because of her voice either. About her Kai2, it is pretty useful, in expeditions and well as sorties. I still think you can do without her (there were many who cleared E7 without her), but once you started using her you realize how useful she is. But, I think it's important to state that in combat, apart from her opening torp, she isn't that good and can't participate in artillery spotting. But, that opening torp can be very useful, especially in combined fleet, and that alone justifies her use.

    About the new plane: People have already tested that it doesn't prevent red T, and I think it doesn't prevent green T either (would be also useful in certain cases). Of course it might have other hidden functions we don't know of (and yeah, I don't have the plane so I can't test anything), like increased contact chance etc., and in future new mechanics might change again everything, but as of now, it's just a improved Type 2. From what I know, in a difficult map, one usually couldn't afford to take along a Type 2, so this one wouldn't be used either. In an easy map, one may not even want to use a CVB because of increased cost, so it wouldn't be used again. Which leaves a rather limited use for this with how things are now.

    Of course, judging too quickly isn't good, that's why most people first asked "can it prevent red T?". And since it can't, of course it appears to be useless. And I personally think there is a high chance that this is true. There are enough rather useless equipments in kancolle, like flying boat, italian BB guns or duplex radar (I personally love that thing, but seriously, when do you equip a BB with a radar instead of AP shell/sanshiki?), so it wouldn't be surprising. Of course, just after 1 day after the plane released, this is just mostly speculation, not a final conclusion or anything.

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    • Just from looking at a few points you're trying to make I can now see where you're coming from in deciding what is useless and what is not. As such I apologize as I failed to recognize that your criteria for usefullness is on the level of saying a fish is useless because it can't climb a tree. Also your knowledge of the mechanics seems to be a little problematic.

      Anyway just to deconstruct some of the things you said in "There are enough rather useless equipments in kancolle, like flying boat, italian BB guns or duplex radar" because i don't have time to bother with the rest

      Flying Boat; You seem to undervalue the value of contact. Admittedbly while you wouldn't bring Akitsushima to E7 (which seems to be what you're basing your judging criteria on), you can still use her to trigger contact for more favourable battle engagements in 6-3. In the event that you can't afford to use a carrier scout such as in E5, the boat (and Akitsushima's favourable branching) is your go to equipment for contact. (I personally didn't have this issue because i used Unryuu with a Saiun)

      Italian BB Guns; Just a few fast facts. 1. They are upgradable. 2. They give fit gun bonus to Nagato-class, Fusou-class and Ise-class. (Neutral fit to Bismarck) 3. Fusou-class, Ise-class does not get fit gun bonus from 41cms. 4. They give Extra-long range (a subpar point) Morale of story? These guns are THE guns for Fusou-class Kai Nis. The power of 41cms with a fit gun bonus to overthrow the -1 accuracy into a better position than 41cms of similar upgrade

      Duplex Radar; You don't always have to bring AP Shells you know. It isn't the go to build. If you were to farm an event map on Easy, a DA set up is better than having a risk of CI on BBs. You've already said yourself that you love it but you still call it "useless"? Anyway outside of your E7 judging criteria (or sorties), it's also a great radar for your support expedition BBs.

      If you stop judging everything on "Is it useful in E7?", then maybe you'll learn to appreciate the utility of some things. Kancolle is a game about the depth of your fleet and it's ability in different situations, not just about your "A" Team of 6 or 12 ships to clear the hardest map of the event.

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    • @

      Thanks for replying politely.

      About flying boat, the plane itself is great, but it's tied to Akitsushima, who's really weak. Contact is nice, but it won't be much of use when you have to retreat because of her. For E5, a CAV+2DD gave the same routing as with Akitsushima, and this comp felt much more reliable to me than kamo. I guess it made sense to use Akitsushima if one wanted to save resources, but for me, it looked risky. But guess you're right, it is an option.

      About Italian BB guns, didn't know about the fit bonus for Fusou/Ise-class, thanks for telling. I remembered hearing somewhere "italian guns is for italians only" and that stuck with me. I guess the 381kai is pretty useful then.

      About duplex radar, I love the equip and it's fairies and stuff, but after getting it, I realized that I almost never use it outside of "fun" situations like PvP or easy maps. Yeah, for support exp, it would be pretty useful, true. Forgot about that since I hardly used any support exp so far. Also never thought about that DA vs CI argument, will consider it next time, so thanks for telling.

      You are right that I don't know every nook and cranny of the game mechanics. But I think most don't know about every little thing, even experienced admirals. And to be good at the game, often enough you also don't need to know everything, from my personal experience, but just the really important parts. And I don't think that you need to be a top teitoku with 2 year experience, 3 FCF and several rank rewards to be allowed to judge an equip. Everyone who played this game for a certain time and doesn't completely suck at the game can do some judgement of their own. I'm not a top teitoku, but since I managed E7 easy, 5-5 and also ranked once and started playing the game since Spring event 2015, I do think I'm doing rather well in the game for my playtime and thus am allowed to judge a little, I say :-P

      I can see that the mentioned equips (and of course, the Keiun too) can be useful in certain situations. But those situations are just so rare that for 95% of the time, you won't even use the equip at all (apart from italian BB guns). And even in the situations where you use it, the items aren't game breakers, but just a little improvement. So at least to me, these items feel kind of 'useless' in the sense that they don't really live up to their rarity. But I guess everyone can decide themselves if they want to call certain equip useless or not.

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    • lol sometimes I felt my replies are too harsh, but glad you didn't feel that way~ no I won't mind you post in my wall anyway :3

      for trigger rate of AACI, I don't think multiple AACI capable ship in fleet is a brilliant idea & only AACI by anti air speciallize ship are worth to use I guess (maya, akizuki class & isuzu < but still weak imo) ,so equip other ship in fleet with gun+AAFD doesn't seems make sense if you planning to use Akizuki class, otherwise I wouldn't use her too if no presence of CV/L

      Why ppl want Akizuki class so much (wild guess):

      1. appearance (needless to explain~)

      2. only DD with good AACI till now

      3. comes together with precious 10cm HA gun + AAFD (no ship other than Aki class give this shit + need many screws to get it from type 94 AAFD < rare also ==")

      4. Well she's almost a free gift to newbie + veteran (too bad I'm late), but obviously no for Teruzuki in E7 limbo >.<

      btw ppl overhype with Akizuki class DD and I also not too fond of this anyway:3 One of the factor that ppl eager for her so much is possibly influenced by Akizuki, her AACI are able to take down bomber which is sometimes crucial and helpful in survive 1-6 or 3-5 had impressed most player... & this time I'm not sure what dev. team is doing, they put Teruzuki as last stages reward and all ppl just go insane lmao XD

      Yeah at that time I did think before why they won't put her as E2 reward & give another ship like BB/CV for E7, that way not only we felt that prize is worth all the effort, also ship like Akizuki will undoubtly help new player a lot and it's easily available too ~

      ABKM> at first I did think her voice did annoyed me sometimes (but get used now lol) what I didn't like is that time she receive Kai ni upgrade, and most ppl at that time without any solid prove, start to complain things like her stock eq. , weak stat, voice and etc. when they never used her before anyway. She's not mandatory but she did make your life easier with that opening torpedo when doing map that only approve the use of light fleet, eg. 3-5. But for balancing purpose I guess so her torpedo stat is relatively weak, but who cares when she still able to sink CL/DD that might help you greatly in boss killing also. (and I'm also the one that clear E7 without using her :3)

      Why I did think this plane have potential to be useful > see Shoukaku CVB ver. plane slot, the first slot is good while other is mediocre that can be easily shoot down by abyssal eg. Tsu class :P If this things work like type 2 actually its not too bad, since she had remodel into offensive-focused CV, so it may work increase her shelling power just like SCAMP, but also provide additional accuracy and LOS (just my guess~) so maybe equip this things on low slot maybe can help (?need test lol) and maybe in future she'll becoming boss killer? Tanaka only know.....

      For type 2 i doesn't think it's worthless piece of trash, just it has limited places to apply it's effect. Equiping this toys for last slot on CV like Souryuu actually work well if you deploying a CV oriented fleet, while focusing on opening airstrike, same as my case when catching fish in 3-3, enemy is abit tanky while I also afraid of Souryuu low slot getting annihilated lol, so this plane did help in increasing chance to obliterate every abyssal including BB with just merely opening airstrike...

      and for flying boat I can't give any comment since I never have it anyway + never know how it work. But for Italian BB as that anon said, equip it on right ship did give bonus stat and accuracy~ for radar things had to depends on situation, not everytime AP shell is favourable to use since it giving bonus damage to armored ship only, but for radar it's more focusing on deadly DA, so they have also their own usage, just ppl need to know how to apply it properly~ (Radar also good in support expedition like above said, which they loved to miss everything if bad luck :3)

      I believe that while equipment got weak and stronger version, but it still has it's own use (not machine gun:) & I think I had to apologized for that Keiun as I annoyed by those "useless plane" reply by other, maybe because I'm hot-tempered or whatever (u wouldn't care anyway :3) , it just remind me of the days when ABKM page were flooded with various of mindless criticize, while never tried to know the truth first~

      (ok sorry long essay, would shorten next time lol)

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    • @TTK lol

      I'm also glad that you didn't take my comments too offensively :-)

      About the AACI thing, I meant giving the other DDs the AkiTeru gun, i.e. the 10cmHA version which has a built-in AAFD. Since (from what I heard) it is the best destroyer gun, giving it to low-luck destroyers instead of giving them other guns like the 12.7cmBkai2 make sense, I think. And then, you have a DD with 1 or 2 AkiTeru guns, and as an additional equip, one would usually use a radar, I'd say, especially for 3-5. So, so far the equipment is not intended to do AACI, but actually is a normal equip for low-luck DDs (2 guns + radar). But, now, if we used an air radar instead of a surface radar, because of the AkiTeru guns, it would automatically become an AACI setup. And that doesn't sound bad actually, since we didn't really "pay a price" for it. In case Aki/Teru's AACI failed, we would still have a weak AACI as a backup. Not really great, but better than no AACI at all. But, and that was my point, because of AkiTeru's low API, it won't work and we have to give up on our additional, free AACI and the increased trigger rate and rely on the 67% of AkiTeru to trigger.

      About the other things, I agree. Her guns are pretty good, even without the included AAFD gimmick. And if AkiTeru wasn't hyped so much, I probably wouldn't be so harsh to them. Btw, I think the dev team just realizes that they need to keep the game interesting as long as possible, so now they really try to make all kinds of ships harder to obtain, especially ships like Akizuki-class, Prinz Eugen, etc. and also force us to use blueprints on every new ship. While I can still understand that ABKM needs a blueprint, I don't understand why Shoukaku needs one too. We already need the catapult for the remodel, and now additionally a blueprint is required? Sure, her Kai2 and Kai2Kou is epic, but then again, she doesn't come with any equip, so that balances it out, imo.

      Well, I really hope the rewards for fall event will be more like in the spring event (which, sadly, I couldn't participate in because I was busy with getting into the game). Also, I'm very hyped for the new foreign big ship to come! :3

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    • well for my case I use Poi' gun or Libe gun for my 3-5, just in case they wouldn't affect my AACI ship do their job (actually weak AACI doesn't help too much than w/o it imo :3)& also the only AACI DD is AkiTeru for now, so I guess we don't have much choice eh? Maybe they release another DD with higher API....

      zz ship reward like last summer event actually didn't motivated me, actually I'm more interested into that AO haha XD but felt that can't let my 1st event uncleared, so I go tried E7 just because of this (and also no resource and time left to hunt ship i want as I completed E7 T.T) If dev team want to pertain this game and make it interesting, they may just introduced Agano  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  or any other foreign ship from US/German/whatever (most of IJN ship already introduced except that 19841917++ SS and DD? :3)

      Yeah I was busy too, with upcoming exam so I hope they treat us better by giving better ship as reward ship while not drop, and easier map so I can just clear it within one day~ (no not AD hime, I never miss you pls don't come back)

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