• just wanna say Hi :3

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    • Thank you for your greeting :D

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    • Tadd2015are you japanese?

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    • Yes,I'm Japanese and live in Japan.

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    • Cool~~ which server are you in???

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    • Thanks ! I'm on Iwagawa base, and you ?

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    • Palau >3<

      Can you teach me a sentence in Japanese that can be used to mock your friends?!

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    • No problem :D 

      Can you tell me what situation do you want to use ?

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    • Great!! :)

      My friends play Kancolle as well. I'm thinking something related to their waifu ingame...


      "Your waifu has small boobs HAHA"

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    • Well... My english is not so good, though,


      このロリが!(kono Loli ga ! )

      This is most simple. ロリ=ロリコン(Lolicon), men who love small boobs is regarded Lolicon in Japan.


      貧乳のどこがいいんだよ! (Hin nyuu no doko ga iin dayo !)

      That means "What do you like about small boobs ?"

      You shoud remember that 貧乳(Hin nyuu 貧:poor  乳:bust, boobs) means small boobs, we Japanese use it in daily life, lol


      お前、貧乳フェチかよ! (Omae, Hin nyuu fechi ka yo !)

      means "Are you a seper mania for boobs ?"

      お前:You (a word using among friends.Don't use to a person who is a superior, for example teacher, parents, and old person)

      フェチ: This is a slang word, and is the same meaning as a mania, but フェチ is a mania who is interested in sexual matter. 

      When you have some questions, please ask me :D  

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    • This is really helpful and detail explaination :)

      Good to learn something new everyday..

      I will poke you again soon haha..

      Have a nice day <3

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    • このUvebeenHAZEDくんとは・・馬鹿よろ!矢張りその台詞俺の向こうに呼ぶなんて、アホか?


      申し訳ありませんTadd2015さんm(_ _)mお邪魔しました。堅苦しい挨拶を使いません私が無礼になりました。あの人は私が只ツールを使いますので、今回その台詞を呼びますので許しません。兎に角、どうぞよろしくお願い致します!


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