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    • August 2015 Ranking Rewards
    Type 4 Passive Sonar
    Type 4 Passive Sonar 149 Card Type 4 Passive Sonar 149 Character Type 4 Passive Sonar 149 Full Type 4 Passive Sonar 149 Equipment
    1. New Equipment

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    Twitter logo blue @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


    August ranking reward will be delivered tomorrow night (Tuesday, 22 Sep) #Incomplete translate




    [xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx]



    [xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx]

    Rewards List






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    • has it been handed out already? no new equipment on my side

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    • Not yet. Tomorrow night. I'd better translate that tweet myself

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    • @CDRW Ranking updates are announced via official community hosted within DMM instead of official twitter.

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    • If anyones interested, here are the ranking rewards from the DMM page. I've done a rough translation for the actual reward items themselves (I'm no means an expert) and will probably require someone with better translation skills to double check my accuracy.




      ●[対潜装備] 四式水中聴音機x2 new! - Type 4 Passive Sonar (New!)

      ●[新型電探] 32号対水上電探改 - Type 32 Radar Kai

      ●[試作テスト機] 試製南山 - Prototype Nanzan


      ●[対潜装備] 四式水中聴音機x2 new! - Type 4 Passive Sonar (New!)

      ●[試作テスト機] 試製南山 - Prototype Nanzan


      ●[対潜装備] 四式水中聴音機x2 new! - Type 4 Passive Sonar (New!)

      ●[艦攻部隊] 天山(九三一空) - Tenzan (931st AG)


      ●[対潜装備] 四式水中聴音機 new! - Type 4 Passive Sonar (New!)

      ●[艦攻部隊] 天山(九三一空) - Tenzan (931st AG)


      EDIT: Ninja'd

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    • Setakat wrote: EDIT: Ninja'd

      I've sort of been entrusted to deal with it (lol) and so panic began as I managed to get things under control. xD Good work however!

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    • Sorry for unintentionally taking your job. I also aplogise for updating the equipment lists, list of ASW gear by stats, ranking rewards on the Experience & Rank page, equipment list template and soon the development page if any of those were also your responsibility. Development page update may take some time as I'm updating this section as well.

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    • Nah don't worry about it Support

      — nice to see there are other people pitching into help. What we sort of need next time is to maybe somehow co-ordinate all this via chat or something so that we don't step on each other's toes and work will be done more efficiently. Pacman
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    • I smell new Sub boss for Fall 2015..

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    • @Crazy teitoku

      Probably a good idea to get some sort of organisation going. Work out what needs to be done in regards to pages needing updates/creation, and find people to do them.

      Its early evening for me when the ranking rewards get released, so I'm free to run around and get all the lists updated with new equipment (if any).

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    • maybe I should remove the tweets part too. because no such column in previous ranking thread

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    • @Setakat

      Yeah I was thinking of that but I still sort of have my hands full right now on doing things here and there.

      I'll have a think about it once I become a bit more free. xD


      I was looking at the previous few related threads and yeah there weren't so much of a fuss with tweets but I have decided to include them in anyhow lel.

      Not even sure if it is worth translating those ranking related tweets.

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    • Dev won't post details about ranking on twitter, they post them on dmm, so logging tweets won't help, I started this topic with tweet just to tell everyone the date of ranking reward delivery.

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    • A FANDOM user
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