• I just read something about a new destroyer that will be implemented in the game:

    Destroyers candidates to be implemented
     - Fubuki Class Destroyers: Shinonome, Usugumo, Shirakumo, Uranami and the subclass:

    -- Ayanami Class Destroyers: Asagiri, Yuugiri, Amagiri & Sagiri.

    - Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer: Yamakaze.

    - Kagero Class Destroyers: Hagikaze, Arashi, Natsushio, Hayashio and Oyashio.

    - Mutsuki Class Destroyers: Minazuki & Yuzuki.

    - 1934-Class Destroyers: Z2 "Georg Thiele", Z4 "Richard Beitzen" and the subclass:

    -- 1934A-Class Destroyers: Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9, Z10, Z11, Z12, Z13, Z14, Z15 and Z16.

    - Asashio Class Destroyers: Minegumo & Natsugumo.

    - Yuugumo Class Destroyers: Kazagumo, Makinami, Oonami, Kiyonami, Tamanami, Suzunami, Fujinami, Hayanami, Okinami, Kishinami and Akishimo.

    - Hatsuharu-Class Destroyers: Akiake and Yugure.

    - Akizuki Class Destroyers: Suzutki, Hatsuzuki, Niizuki, Wakatsuki, Shimotsuki And the 2 subclases:

    -- Fuyutsuki Class Destroyers: Fuyutsuki, Hatsusuki, Yoizuki & Natsuzuki.

    -- Michitsuki Class Destroyers: Michitsuki & Hanazuki.

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