• Hello Admiral Veronezzi... I saw you finished E-7! 

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    • Well, I saw that you finished too...

      Now time to do some "E-8" to get more ships for the sake of the collection!

      And always remember that:

      Till the end, Never, Never Surrender XD

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    • E-8? Maruyu thumb

      Does it even exist XD

      I leave the event with my spoils of war (Kawakaze, Urakaze, Hayasui, Zuikaku, Libbeccio, Harusame, Prototype Catapult, Various Fighters/Torpedo/Bombers highly trained and lots of Underway Ressupplies and Combat Rations). I want to level them and go to hibernate (gathering resources) for the next event.

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    • Well, my "E-8" has show some result until now, I managed to drop the green little hood (Mizuho) along with a Dancer (Maikaze) and a Artist (Akigumo), now I can retire my Chiyoda of the duty of AV and turns she into a CVL, so she will be able to finally to fight alongside with her fellow sister.

      Now time to get Umikaze!!!! Until the end of the event and my resources... I will clear "E-8" XD!!!

      After the update, I will hibernate too! (Maybe try to get Bisko and Hotel in LSC, maybe... last time... it made me totally bankrupt).

      I Hope to see you next event and until then, Good luck!!!!

      and always remember... well you know... Never Surrender XD.

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    • Man! I leaved the event to days before the end.... I tried to get Bismarck... Got her on the first time!!! I left plenty resources (Over: 50K fuel, 250K steel, 75K ammo and 185K bauxite)... Now I am leveling with it Bismark, Zuikaku and the other girls.

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