• Uhm, I see you've been successful at sinking E-7... real fast! >.< I just want to ask if the armor really went down, or it just stuck at 333? If you manage to lower it, how many X Y kills was it? @.@?

    I'm asking since I'm already low on everything except steel :3 if you would be so kind to help me OTL....

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    • Hey there!

      The armor reduction of the boss on E-7 is not visible but still effective, that means it will always show 333 armor on the image, its like an invisible debuff (for example, shows 333 but is in fact like 200 armor or so); the exact number of X/Y Kills needed is not clear, but i killed them 5 - 8 times each, while others did it 1~3 times and also killed K node. Still, killing those nodes will lower the defense, the problem is that noone knows exactly how much defence is reduced with each kill.

      If you're short on resources but have time to play kantai for long hours then resources should'nt be much of a problem, but if you're also short on buckets then you might want to consider lowering difficulty, because I spent around 66k fuel/60k ammo/37k steel/14k baux and roughly 200 buckets on E-7 with a high lvl fleet

      Now in my case, i cleared the event between the 3rd and 4th day, and there was not much info back then, so right now my advice is if you can, try also asking someone who has cleared it recently just in case he/she has more updated info.

      Good luck on E-7 :D

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    • D: for 1st day E-7... well, after around 15runs through E-G-J-M-Z.... only 1 of those reached the boss OTL....
      And I wasn't able to dmg her, 1st fleet shooting other stuff, 2nd fleet got red before night battle T.T....

      • Are all of these "normal" for 1st day?* I always get critted at E/J, 250 ->> 200 buckets for the whole 1st day.

      I don't run ANY supp expeds, since my fuel is always less than 10k, and bauxite less than 6k. If I were to run any... they'll be gone D:
      (unless you state that expeds will GREATLY help) @.@...

      I'm gonna start my 2nd wave now @.@.......
      I have all ships 98/99, and only two are 97.
      (since I finished last event all on hard w/ the same resource situation)

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    • Sorry for the late reply, just moved to another country ^^'

      If 1/15 reached boss then there must be something wrong. Are you bringing Fleet Command Facility? It can help with scratching runs, is it the compass or a ship getting taiha what retreats you?. And i sent support expeditions for non boss at least, note that they must be all sparkled and have radars to do considerable damage, the effectivity is usually good (sinking/hevily damageing 2 ~ 4 ships) sometimes sinking Wo carriers, and i also brought Abukuma + Maya/Akizuki with AACI which made my road to the boss much safer. Ill add a pic of my used non-boss support fleet

      edit: dont have a pic so ill just write it

      Hiryuu (99): Suisei (Egusa) , Suisei (601) , Type 32 radar , FuMO Radar

      Souryuu (99): Suisei (601) , Suisei (601) , Type 32 radar , Type 32 Radar

      Haruna (141): 46cm 4★ , 41cm Prototype , Type 32 radar , Type 1 AP 4★

      Kongou (99): 41cm Prototype , 35.6 cm 9★, 15m Duplex rangefinder , Type 32 Radar

      Shimakaze (95): 10cm HA+FD 6★, 10cm HA+FD 4★, Type 22 surface radar Kai 4 1★

      Yuudachi (98): 10cm HA+FD 9★, 10cm HA+FD 4★, Type 22 surface radar Kai 4 5★

      all sparkled

      Support exp do nothing 4

      Node J, E-7 hard

      Support exp do nothing 1

      Node E, E-7 hard

      couple examples:
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