• Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You pulverised my head
    But I still love you~

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    • Nice, nice. ^ ^

      Here, lemme try another one.

      Your blood is red;

      Your face is blue;

      I stabbed you and failed;

      It's hard to kill you.

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    • yuutan makes great poems :o
      I wont lose >:3
      Roses are red
      My laptop is red
      My car is red
      ... Yuutan why are you burning my stuff? ;_;

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    • I like burning stuff;

      Over the fire;

      I know it's enough;

      When the flames don't get higher.

      His stuff burns real nice;

      And gives me much joy;

      I laugh when he cries;

      I think he's my toy?

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    • /me blushes
      yuutan is too sweet, >~<
      opposite of sour.
      Nicer than the girls in my fleet,
      I'm gonna love you even more~

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    • It makes me quite happy;

      To read such fine praise;

      It will be quite pretty;

      For his hopeless case.

      But hopeless is hopeless;

      Save for none else;

      Selflessness is hopeless;

      Save for none else.

      I run out of rhyme;

      My meter runs thin;

      I run out of time;

      I think that I win?

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    • aah =O
      Yuutan i love you <3
      but you reply with rejection
      You make me feel blue
      as I want your affection
      (p.s fix meat grinder, i'm sorry)
      I'm just like a panda
      and you're the bamboo
      It's not propaganda
      all I need is you <3

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    • That was... unusually good.


      How do I answer;

      To such brilliant lines?

      It's just like a sewer;

      Where no light shines.

      But if truth be told;

      (If truth does exist;)

      Your poems won't grow old;

      And are hard to resist.

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    • >~< ah really? /me blushes

      Yuutan I'm delighted
      that you like my rhymes.
      My love for you is eternally ignited,
      although my name's JustWastingTime.

      I feel your poems are better,
      way better than mine.
      I wish I could send you a love letter,
      but I guess... I ran out of line(s)

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    • I'm out of lines as well;

      I think I should just stop;

      I feel just like a shell;

      With something weird on top.

      I run out of rhyme;

      To answer flawlessly;

      I think it's the time;

      When my limit has found me.


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    • >~<

      I seldom see you on chat these days.
      I'm getting kinda lonely
      Wall messages from you keep my heart ablaze,
      I guess I'm kinda corny? ><

      Well, I miss you more than yesterday,
      but nowhere as much as tomorrow.
      I wish you weren't so far away
      Cause it leaves me in great sorrow

      P.S. Marry Me >~<

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    • I run out of things to say;

      I can't write any more;

      So I think that for today;

      I should show you the door~

      Why can't I rhyme good;

      And clear E7 too?

      I lie in somber mood;

      And to you I say "Boo."

      I fixed the tenderizer. *pounds JWT*

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    • ahhh~ tenderizer >~<

      You show me the door
      but I decline~
      Its you I adore,
      and I won't leave you behind~

      I wish you good luck,
      on clearing e-7.
      But maybe you should ask AbsoluteLuck,
      before this game sends you to heaven.

      P.S. Don't die, I love you and your meat tenderizer >~<
      P.P.S. AbsoluteLuck cleared his e7 on hard, cleared Nanamin's e7 on hard, Leoverda's e7 on easy and 3 others on easy :v
      P.P.P.S I guess.. Luck and AbsoluteLuck don't actually rhyme because they're the same word.. b-but...

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    • ...

      Okay. I guess I'm not built for Kancolle's E7

      I have 2 days left to clear.

      My rhymes left along with my sanity.

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    • I'm sorry for your loss....
      Cheer up Yuutan, it's not much b-but
      I'm here ><

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    • A FANDOM user
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