• For all the sorties that I do;

    The fleets I send to her;

    My myriad plans she overthrew;

    But vainly on I spur.

    My planes head for the great abyss;

    My ships will do the same;

    I pray in vain that they don't miss;

    Because they hit in vain.

    Her armor trifles every blow;

    Her escorts smash my fleet;

    I fear that my heart shall know;

    The taste of pure defeat.

    My resources sink for her;

    Into depths I rarely knew;

    All for one who lies ahead;

    My sanity sinks too.

    The pain of sorties worries me;

    My resources hang low;

    She looks at me with much glee;

    With eyes all set aglow.

    My pain fills her with fury;

    My agony is her bliss;

    Her sheer pleasure finds me;

    Heading to her abyss.

    I hate her, I hate her;

    I hate her with my soul;

    For all she does, I hate her;

    She keeps me from my goal.

    If only I could bear her;

    If only she understands;

    If only fate had brought her;

    Into another's hands.

    I wish her pain and sorrow;

    She deals them back to me;

    The pain with no tomorrow;

    Fills her with endless glee.

    With eleven days and counting;

    I make my final choice;

    Do I go a-hunting;

    For her sweet, melodious voice?

    Do I fight my hardest;

    And risk losing my all;

    Or do I fail the test;

    My pride before my fall?

    Am I going to make it?

    Am I going to succeed?

    Do I do what I see fit;

    And pay the wind no heed?

    Ah, the sorrows of E7 Hard Mode are endless.

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