• 27th August

    The Kaga enka can now be listen from jukebox for free until next update to commemorate the launch of JMSDF DDH Kaga.

    14th August hotfix

    A bug where, after using the Fleet Command Facility to retreat a heavily damaged ship during Combined Fleet sorties, the retreating ship or the escorting destroyer would incorrectly consume Combat Provisions on rare occasions was fixed.

    13th August hotfix

    A bug causing Skilled Lookouts' graphical effect on activation (the sparkle) to not play in night battle was fixed.

    11th August Live Update

    1. Opening up of Second Extended Operation for the Summer 2015 Event: Operation FS
      • To enter Operation FS, Second Operation SN and it's corresponding quests need to be cleared first.
      • Operation FS consists of E-6 and E-7. E-6 will allow you to use a battle force active in Second South Pacific Battle (E-3), which is mainly composed of a Carrier Task Force. E-7 will allow you to use all the forces over Solomon (except E-5 fleets).
      • You can obtain Libeccio in expanded operation over the west (E-5), Kazagumo in Operation FS (E-6/7), and after completing the whole event, Teruzuki.
    2. Bug fix for Aircraft Proficiency system
      • A bug where a fleet's aircraft's proficiency level would be affected by the results of other players' PvP battles against that fleet was fixed.
    3. Kawakaze welcome text fix.
    4. Expansion of Hashirajima Anchorage Server's capacity.

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