• Summer is coming. The hype is boiling. We know Solomon campaign is next on the checkbook. And Shinwalee's guide is as long as a textbook. So for people who wanted something short and thin. I made this quick FAQS for you to keep within. 

    Event Notes

    1. The event is starting on August 10th.
    2. It is a LARGE-SCALE operation
    3. This is NOT the Battle of Philippine Sea
      • The event will revolve around Solomon Waters, potentially drawn reference from certain/some battle(s) within Solomon Islands Campaign and/or Guadalcanal Campaign, etc.
    4. Make sure your Carrier Task Force and its escort ships are sufficiently leveled

    What to Expect?

    1. At least 6 Maps
      • All previous large-scale has at least 6 maps so expect this one to be so.
    2. Ship-locking & Difficulty Settings
      • Ship-locking - a mechanic that prevents your girl from participating in some battle depending on what the devs will give us by locking them to a specific map.
        • For example: Kaga participated in E-1. Ship in E-1 got locked in E-2 so she can't be sortied to E-2. However, If you have another Kaga for some reason you can use that duplicate in E-2 instead.
      • Ship-locking & Difficulty Settings
        • It is possible to bypass ship-locking via difficulty settings as there can be an exception to "Easy" difficulty"
          • For Example: In previous case ship-locking occurs in E-1 and E-2. Now let's say devs gave an exception for easy difficulty to be exempted from ship-locking. This means you can use the same Kaga you used in E-1 for E-2.
      • Difficulty Settings and you
        • People get screwed up by this a lot so I'll put it in the next bullet below. Remember this statement and remember it well.
          • The moment YOU CLEARED (Sunk the boss final time;destroy the gauge) the map. You CANNOT and under no circumstances CANNOT go back to change the difficulty that you chose. You WILL BE stuck with what you had when you clear it.
          • However, if you DID NOT CLEAR it yet, you CAN go back to change the difficulty AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!
    3. Requirements Restriction
      • If you read the Event page a bit you'll know that there's a requirement of at least 75% Sortie win rate for you to enter the event. Don't forget that.
        • If you have LESS THAN 5 ships slot left or LESS THAN 15 equipment slots left you need to scrap some to enter the event.
        • More than 5 ship slots avialable is recommended for ship hunting (have like...10 to spare).

    What to Expect? FAQS

    1. What will be the enemies in the event?
      • No one knows. Expect the worst. It might or might not be related to Solomon campaign.
    2. Will there be HP Regen gauge thing that I heard of?
      • For your info, the HP Regen did not show up ever since the old days of Kancolle. That thing caused many players to go insane and some are still in the mental asylum. But who knows...maybe Devs might go sadist this event.
    3. Is my fleet ready?
      • See below

    What to Prepare?

    1. Ship levels - Why am I so paranoid about it
      • There IS NO safe ship level. Kancolle is a game that relies on RNG and no matter what level your ship is still possible for them to perform poorly or vice-versa. Just remember this; the higher the level the better
    2. Ship classes - The rule of 2+ and their importance in the event.
      • Ship classes is one of the (if not) most important thing you need to prepare for the event. You can have 6 lvl 99 BB in your fleet but that won't do you any good if a map requires only CL/DD to sortie and your CL and DD are at mid 20s. Two things that you should do:
        • Have at least 2 ships of every classes (including their sub-classes). This means 2 CL, 2 CLT, 2 CA, 2 CAV, 2 CV, 2 CVL, 2 AV and so on just in case they're needed for branching rules which is highly probably. If you can't get them, don't fret too much but the more variation you have the better
          • For this event, there seems to be high possibility that there will be a map that only allows you to sortie CL and DD. Therefore:
            • Have at least 5+ DD ready for battle to avoid using weak ships in the CL/DD only map.
        • Now you might wonder about your ship levels again. My suggestion is on around lvl 50+ or try to Kai-ni whoever you can. But don't take what I said seriously. You should try and judge yourself if you think your ship might need more lvling or if they're good to go.
    3. Ship Modernization - My Ships are weak!
      • Just a quick note; don't forget to max out your ship's stat through modernization. It is okay to not have the AA stat maxed but everything else are recommended.
    4. Ship's Equipments
      • Equipment are your bread and butter. It's the backbone of your fleet and their performance can varied depending on what equipment you used. Below will be split into two parts; what equipment you should have and how to set them up.
        • How to set-up your equipment -> Equipment Guide, this should cover some part of it. Shinwalee's guide give you a deeper explanation on each of it.
        • What should I have?
          • For CV(L) - Planes!
            • Fighter planes (Green) - e.g. Reppuu
              • Have at least 4 Reppuu will be the best. The more strong fighters you have the better as you don't know how much you need.
            • Bomber planes (Red) - e.g. Suisei
            • Torpedo planes (Blue) - e.g. Tenzan
            • Recon Planes (Yellow) - e.g. Saiun
          • Night Battle Kits! - Suggested getting Sendai Kai-ni for full-package kit.
          • Anti Submarine Kits!
          • Special Boss Kits!
            • Type 3 Shell - Sanshiki
              • You NEED at least 3 of this for good measure. If you happen to face a Land-base boss it might be the end of you if you don't have any Sanshiki to back you up. Sanshiki deals bonus damage to land-base boss which will help in sinking them. A MUST HAVE!
          • Type 91 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell - AP Shells
            • AP Shells are your support for high armor ships like BB. It'll help in dealing with those pesky BB that are tough as rock. Recommend to have, but can live without it.

    What to Prepare? FAQS

    1. Is my fleet ready?
    2. Is my fleet really ready?
      • No one knows. We don't know what the devs will throw at us. It is best for us to give our best suggestion as a community and hope you roll with it well.
    3. Is my fleet really really ready? I'm not sure...are you sure it's ready?
      • Dude, it's your own fleet. Man up and take charge. Believe in your fleet who believes in you. Row row row the boat!
    4. Please tell me my fleet is ready~
      • No, your fleet is never ready. No fleet is ever ready. No admiral is prepared for the event, which is why they are more prepared than ever.
    5. You're not making sense
      • Lel, I know. I'm a bit tipsy here.

    Quick Facts - Who Got sunk

    In case they come back as vengeful spirit this event:

    first solomon battle: none

    Second solomon battle: Mutsuki, Ryujou

    Third soloomon battle: Fubuki, furutaka, murakumo

    Santa Cruz: none

    Gaudalcanal 1: Yuudachi, Akatsuki, Kinugasa, Hiei

    Gaudalcanal 2: Kirishima, ayanami

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    • edit: -removed original meme- 

      Actually, you know what? I'm going to change it to a little more frightening(not really): 

      warning: event is more scarier than this picture

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    • > Is my fleet ready?

      Don't ask your ships, just ask your own body how ready...

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    • Stremespoats wrote:

      Wait, whaaat? Is the event gonna start in the last week of July?
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    • ^ 1st August is on the worst case.

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    • Nicky008 wrote: ^ 1st August is on the worst case.
      Then the following month will be the busiest month in my Kancolle career. All the more if all the ships I want (which, is, well too many to list) are all available as drop in the upcoming event maps.
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    • Those ship sunk in solomon/gaudalcanal:

      first solomon battle: none

      Second solomon battle: Mutsuki, Ryujou

      Third soloomon battle: Fubuki, furutaka, murakumo

      Santa Cruz: none

      Gaudalcanal 1: Yuudachi, Akatsuki, Kinugasa, Hiei

      Gaudalcanal 2: Kirishima, ayanami

      Now i saw a great storyline for anime season 2 , >=D

      Zel-melon, i will be great if you can list down those ships saw action in the solomon sea operation just to show some possible braching rule.

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    • Reminder that since you need 5 empty ship slots to even do the event you will want more than 5 empty ship slots that is unless you don't want to keep your event only ships.

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    • Ar-cen-ciel wrote:

      Stremespoats wrote:

      Wait, whaaat? Is the event gonna start in the last week of July?

      Soon™ in early August, 1st August is really the worst case. That is why i put 'in two weeks time'(rough estimate). By right i should have post this meme on Friday.

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    • Arvin30p
      Arvin30p removed this reply because:
      wrong reply.
      00:21, July 15, 2015
      This reply has been removed
    • Is my fleet ready? - rather than that, can your mind hold on?

      And yeah, in two weeks time(temporary), I rather worry if my resources is enough because one can't have enough resources (Especially Buckets).

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    • Zel-melon wrote:

      Gaudalcanal 1: Yuudachi, Akatsuki, Kinugasa, Hiei

      Gaudalcanal 2: Kirishima, ayanami

      It's Guadalcanal.

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    • A FANDOM user
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