• This update marks the end of Spring 2015 Event. The event maps WILL BE removed. For api users who can still access the event map after this update PLEASE RENEW YOUR API or face the hammer.

    New CGs
    Takanami rain Northern Princess Rainy Season Full
    1. End of Spring 2015 Event
      • Event-specific content removed
    2. Limited-time Rainy-Season Content
      • Voice lines for 55 ships:
        • 25 Destroyers, 10 Light Cruisers, 5 Heavy Cruisers, 8 Battleships, 1 Light Carrier, 4 Standard Carriers, 2 Auxiliaries
          • Shigure, who is celebrating her 80th Anniversary
          • Kongou, who is celebrating her 103rd Anniversary
      • CG for:
    3. New Expeditions
      • Expedition 24 - 「北方航路海上護衛」"Northern Route Surface Escort"
      • Expedition 40 - 「水上機前線輸送」"Seaplane Front-line Transportation"
    4. Homeport expansion
      • 250 Ship slots (previously 240)
      • 1100 Equipment slots (previously 1060)
    5. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
    6. Furniture
      • New
        • 梅雨の緑カーテン窓 "Green Curtained Window in the Rainy-Season"
          • BGM Changer into「第三十駆逐隊、抜錨準備!」"30DesDiv, prepare to sortie!"
        • レインコート&傘掛け "Raincoat and Umbrella Hanger"
        • 梅雨の壁紙 "Rainy-Season Wallpaper"
        • 紫陽花鉢の提督机 "Admiral's Desk with Hydrangea Bowl"
        • 【「三百万の感謝」掛け軸】 "Thanks for 3 million" Hanging Scroll
          • Free and Available to all users on login
      • Returning Furniture
        • てるてる坊主の窓 "Teru Teru Bozu Window"
        • 紫陽花の窓 "Hydrangea Window"
        • 戦艦タイルの床 "Battleship Tile Flooring"
        • 小花柄カーペット "Pedicel Carpet"
        • 新緑のフローリング "Verdure Flooring"
        • 新緑の壁紙 "Verdure Wallpaper"
        • 戦艦映画ポスター "Battleship Film Poster"
        • しょうぶの和家具 "Japanese-style Furniture with Irises"
      • Anchorage Counter Bar update
        • Added Italian Wine and Battle Food status
    7. Mechanics
      • Light Cruiser Main Gun Fit adjustments added
    8. Others
      • New voice for Mogami and Mogami Kai
      • Resupply line and hourly line for Mogami and Mogami Kai, Hourly line for Mogami Kai
      • Minor fix to Kiso Kai Ni CG
      • Improved Bot/Macro tracking ability
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    • I'm being expecting that the devs will do something about the Light Cruiser Guns...

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    • "Kiso Kai Ni graphic minor fix". Was there something to fix? It gives me a false hope some of fucked up K2 arts will be fixed some day.

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    • Tokisukaze also got new voice

      she said something like this:

      Ame no kisetsu wa iya da nee, nanka iya... sonna toki wa...

      Shirei no atama ni no nobureta! Garuru~

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    • Anyone know what's going on with expedition 40 yet?

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    • Edog19 wrote: Anyone know what's going on with expedition 40 yet?

      Give us sometime. Since it will take sometime what compo is needed there.

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    • Edog19 wrote:
      Anyone know what's going on with expedition 40 yet?

      I knew someone is going to ask this sooner or later. Was a bit dissapointed that it took 1 hour for someone to ask it. If you wish to help, send something out and report if it's working or not. :v

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    • There are some more changes with Ancorage Counter bar. Shigure made Onigiri for you. I posted an image at Furniture section. maybe more kanmusu do some cooking too. Too bad I don't have Isokaze. I am going to try Hiei.

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    • Can confirm that Verniy has a new line, can't tell what it says tough, the only things i understod where "comander" (the one she says almost everytime you click on her) and something about Russia.

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    • Looks like all Mutsuki class have a new line too

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    • The last of my resources where used to get this pic... worth
      Hoppo aircraft phase rainy

      I prefer this one to the shelling phase one

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    • They TOTALLY nailed it with that curtain BGM :D awesome

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    • i just thinking that expedition 40 is using Akitsushima as flagship because the title that said "Seaplane Front-line Transportation" is look like using "Type 2 Large-sized Flying Boat" for transport and this plane can only be used by Akitsushima right?

      but sorry i can't prove it because my akitsushima still lv 6 and i'm afraid for minimum flagship lv requirement, maybe someone that have higher lv of her can try it.

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      same one, got double post
      12:26, May 18, 2015
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    • EdoTachikawa
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      my connection got disconnect before so this post got double
      12:25, May 18, 2015
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    • I figured it was worth asking... Anyway, I'll send out a fleet for it tonight if I can work out a decent translation of the description. I'm going to bed soon, anyway.

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    • Hmm the furniture 梅雨の緑カーテン窓 has a teru teru bozu of both Mutsuki and Kisaragi...the same ones in Mutsuki's rain theme voice.

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    • 複数の水上機母艦を有する軽巡を旗機とした艦隊で、水上機の前線輸送を実施せよ!

      There's the expedtion 40 description. It seems to be saying you need a light cruiser flagship, but that seems weird, so maybe I'm just misreading it... Anyone got any ideas?

      Edit: As far as I can tell, the description says to send out a fleet with multiple seaplane tenders and a light cruiser flagship to perform a frontline transport operation.

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    • No destroyers get a kai ni??

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    • CL fit gun accuraacy bonus huh.... finally it comes official

      Bye bye secondary guns...

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    • How important do you think the CL fit bonus is going to be? With battleships it's a useful feature to take advantage of, since they generally don't want for firepower, but with CLs the damage you'd need to sacrifice for the extra accuracy can prove very useful.

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    • The long-awaited Expedition #24 is finally here, not that it was anything special, really.

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    • Imho the firepower loss can be somehow compensated by improvement (up to +3, according to the present formula on wikiwiki). The accuracy bonus, however, might reward you in some other way like higher critical chance, etc. 

      I guess CLs are never meant to compete w/ anything higher than CA. Function-wisely, it's more like a strengthened version of DD.

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    • Hmm, perhaps it'll be situational. It depends on what guns give them the bonus.

      CLs can be pretty damn handy, though. When  was farming E-4, Sendai (in my main fleet) made a habit of sinking Wo-class flagships right before they could attack. It was pretty hilarious, she even stole MVP from the battleships and carriers :3

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    • I really wish instead of adding more backgound math things they dont explain, that if they didn't want us to use CA guns on CL.. then just disable the ability for them to be mounted. Just like they've done to the 51cm yamato superweapon. I know they are trying to fix their early 3-guns system...

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    • Anyone else playing with the new 3million-scroll? >.<

      This time Shimakaze and Hibiki's lines are my favs

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    • "14.2cm and 51cm guns are now upgradedable", does that mean the guns themselves can be improved if you have them or you can now get them by upgrading smaller guns?

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      • The 15.2cm series will be updated additionally next update

       15.2cm Twin Gun Mount <-------So, this bad boy too, the main one? Man, if they make this one upgradeable, ima gonna cry of happiness =D

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    • Exp 40 Success


      Succeeded expedition 40. Now I'm trying it with a DD flagship.

      Edit: I had Chitose carrying a daihatsu. The true resource values would be 300/300/0/100

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    • Can Confirm new lines on Yamashiro, Fusou, (for some reason) Murakumo, Mogami.  I havent got a chance to uh.. Poke around my fleet. I hope to never again Hear my fusous sound so damn depressing. These beautiful and elegant ladies have gone through enough. =(

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    • @Edog19

      Did you use 1 Daihatsu on your AV? For me it's looked like the reward value have increased by 5%

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    • Oh, sorry, I had Chitose carrying a daihatsu. The true values would be 300/300/0/100.

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    • Too bad they only fix Kiso Kai2 CG?

      i wish they also going to fix Kongou Kai2 CG

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    • Exp 40 Failure


      Looks like the CL does need to be flagship for expedition 40. This is the same as my previous attempt aside from swapping ships' positions around to make Shigure the flagship.
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    • Edog19 wrote:
      Exp 40 Failure


      Looks like the CL does need to be flagship for expedition 40. This is the same as my previous attempt aside from swapping ships' positions around to make Shigure the flagship.

      I got the same result when I used DD as Flagship. However, previous run I did with only 2 AV so I'm pretty sure only 2 AV (or less) is needed)

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    • Have we confirmed the need for two DDs yet? If not, I'll test that out tonight.

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    • Dechidechi
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      Being absolutely disrespectful and couldn't manage to "suggest" it
      15:57, May 19, 2015
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    • CL needs to be FS @zel-melon, at least 2 AVs and 2 DDs and one wild. Current FS requirement seems to be lv25 and total lv150 for the entire fleet. The community is still testing and pushing down the level requirement.

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    • ^I sent out a CL FS lvl 18. The total lvl is 168.

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    • Yukikaze has a new voice too, i will put a screenshot about the new furnitures here: 
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    • Alright, so expedition 40 does require 2 DDs. Just in case anyone was wondering if it'd been tested.
      Expedition 40 Failure


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    • A FANDOM user
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