• It is possible to play KanColle on your iPhone

    First, you need to have Photon Flash Player for iPhone

    If you got it, then click the thuner logo at the right below corner. It allows the iPhone to play flash game. If it doesnt't connected, go to setting and pick port. There are 4 ports, just pick 1

    Then paste yout API link (

    Have fun 

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    Here are some screenshots
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    • idk how this works, but I feel like you should mention that devs don't support people playing on mobile devices.  The main reason being that they require people to cache files so that they don't waste too much bandwidth.  If your cache settings aren't properly configured you might be banned.

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    • Can you zoom in and out using that app? It's seems terrifying to try to play by tapping on the tiny menus.

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    • TScript : yes you can, though it would still blur

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    • Meh, I guess I'll stick to my good ol' remote desktop. Too many risks for ban and graphics not really worth.

      But then again, thanks for opening up this possibility that can be explored in some other fashion.

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    • That app is not FREE. I know how to do it free. Simply download this app - puffin Puffin Web Browser by CloudMosa, Inc. And run this app. Then it will ask youto choose mobile site or desktop site. Simply choose desktop site. That is how to use ADOBE FLASH PLAYER To play Kancolle out if Japan you just need vpn connector. You can use any but usually it need to be purchased. If not it will let you just 7 day free trial. Connect vpn to Japan and run Puffin web browser

          • Desktop Site ONLY ***

      Then go to the game website - Done

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    • I'm afraid it banned It daijobu ???

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    • Does it work for iPad

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    • If i'm correct when kantai will be in phase 2 and move from flash, also iphone will be able to run the game, but i think this will have many month to wait

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    • 2020 and still wait on iphone

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    • A FANDOM user
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