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    1. Remodel
      • Nachi Kai Ni at level 65
        • Costs Ammunition900 and Steel800 to remodel
        • No blueprint required
        • New voices
      • Hatsushimo Kai Ni at level 70
        • Costs Ammunition230 and Steel220 to remodel
        • No blueprint required
        • New voices
    2. Quests
      • Composition Quests
        • A49「第二二駆逐隊」を編成せよ!Organize the 22nd Destroyer Division!
      • Sortie Quests
        • B38 出撃任務「那智戦隊」抜錨せよ!Sortie the "Nachi Fleet"
          • Form a fleet consisting of Nachi as flagship, Hatsushimo, Kasumi, Ushio, Akebono and a wildcard, sortie to 2-2 and achieve an S-Rank at the boss node
          • Needs B37 and Bm1 completion
        • B39「第二二駆逐隊」出撃せよ!Sortie the 22nd Destroyer Division (world 1-4)
          • Sortie to 1-4 with a fleet consisting of Satsuki, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, another destroyer and two wildcards, and achieve an S-Rank at the boss node
          • Needs A49 completion
    3. Furniture
      • New Furniture
        • 鎮守府カウンターバー Anchorage Counter Bar
        • 日本酒&ウィスキー棚 Sake and Whiskey Shelf
        • 洋酒&ワイン棚 Liquor and Wine Shelf
        • チョコレートキッチン Chocolate Kitchen
        • チョコレートの壁紙 Chocolate Wallpaper
        • お菓子作りの壁紙 Candy-making Wallpaper
      • Returning Furniture
        • 青カーテンの窓 Window with Blue Curtain
      • BGM changers
        • 節分「豆まき」セット Setsubun "Bean maki" set
        • 大人の節分セット Adult's Setsubun Set
      • 「250万の感謝」"Thanks for 2.5 Million Players!" hanging scroll has been added, and can be obtained free of charge
    4. BGM
      • New BGM 「節分の鎮守府」"Setsubun at the anchorage"
        • Can be played if Setsubun furniture is placed
    5. Voice and Other
      • Limited-time Setsubun-themed voices
      • New voices for Nachi Kai Ni, including homeport, battle, etc.
      • New voices for Hatsushimo Kai and Kai Ni, including homeport, marriage, etc.
      • Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
        • Type 91 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell and Type 1 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell can be upgraded
        • Type 91 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell can be remodeled into Type 1 Armor-Piercing (AP) Shell after reaching max upgrade
      • The maximum ship slots has been increased from 220 to 230
      • The maximum equipment slots has been increased to 1020
      • Display system modification update
        • The background of the AP Shells picture was fixed
        • Makeover of the owned furniture list, with a feed function? added

    Twitter Patch Notes

    Teaser-2015-01-23-B Teaser-2015-01-23-A Teaser-2015-01-23-C

    From MadMarchHare's Tranlations

    • 01▼ Nachi gets her Kai Ni! Need a high level, and no blueprint is needed.
    • 02▼ The KaiNi Nachi now has new port voice, new battle voice and other new voices.
    • 03▼ Some furniture update, Part 1. 3 new furnitures: Chin-chufu Counter Bar Japanese liquor(Osake) and whiskey shelf Western liquor and Wine shelf
    • 04▼ Furniture part 2: Chocolate kitchen(New) Chocolate's wall paper(New!) The wallpaper made of candy(New!) The green-coloured window(Revisited)
    • 05▼ Furniture Part 3. Some of the festival furniture got improved: Bean maki set and Adult Festival set. They now have BGMs.
    • 06▼ New BGM got implemented. It can be heard by using the festival furniture. It is called [The chinchufu in a festival mood]
    • 07▼ Hatsushimo now has Kaini! Neew a high level, and no blueprint is needed.
    • 08▼ Hatsushimo Kai now has new supply voice, idle voice and port voice after wedding. And her Kai Ni now has new port voice, new battle voice and other new voices.
    • 09▼ New equipments can now be modded in Akashi's factory. You need help from certain Kanmusu, and then you can mod Type 91AP and Type 1 AP
    • 10▼ New missions! 3 new missions of 3 types got implemented this time.

    Sortie: Nachi Fleet and other 2 missions, one of them is to make a squad, and other is a sortie missions. There IS pre-requistie to those missions.

    • 11▼ Some bug fixes:
      • The background of AP shell type equipments are now fixed
      • Now the furniture changing page has a fuction to turn to certain pages(not sure here)
      • Improved the resistence to DDOS attacks.
    • 12▼ The maximum kanmusu you can have is now 230, and the equipment ammount has been raised to 1020 as well.
    • 13▼ New furniture! The scroll of 2.5M players.

    To thank the support from all Teitoku for playing and the user number has gone over 2.5M, there's a new furniture for everyone! (You have to go to the furniture shop to get it)

    • 14▼ Some new festival voices get implemented as well. Although there's not a lot of voice, and it lasts until next maintaince...and next time there will be special voices for VALENTINE!
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    • the last major point in part 6 needs to be fixed... personally idk how to translate tweet #10 (too many technical terms, not sure :P)

      see if you can get someone else to translate that :P

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    • ah I'll fix it at some point, I will assimilate your patch notes from the facebook page as well. this was the rush TL from earlier

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    • Is there a list of which kanmusu got Setsubon-themed voices going to shown, or is it just Jun'you and Chitose?

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    • I hope someone compiles the names, but we can determine their IDs now

      See those under the updated shipgraph

      I'll probably need to call one of my teammates from KanColle PH to compile the IDs into names. me l@zy.

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