• Good day, I posted this on your message wall since this will notify you where ever wiki you are now xD

    I know you're a seasonal editor for kancolle nowadays, but I'd like to personally nominate you as admin, see User_blog:CDRW/Admin_Application_2015. Please apply. I've seen your works and we definitely need your wiki skills, even if it's just occasional.

    I also hang around LL wiki at times, hope we meet again in our travels.

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    • Lol I just read the message today >.<

      I appreciate your reccomendation, but unfortunately, currently I'm not going to apply to any adminship to the Wikia, due to my extremely tight schedule in RL. I'd feel very bad if I'm applying, get elected, then disappear right after.

      Maybe if there any other application next time when I already have bit more time to hang around in the wiki, I'll sign up for it.

      For the time being, if you need my help on doing anything just let me know. Whenever I'm checking back the wikia and have time, I'll try to help as much as I can.

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