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    1. New Map
      • New Extra Operation on World 3: 3-5.
        • Devs say map routes can be greatly controlled by your fleet composition
        • 3-5's boss counts towards Bw7 weekly quest.
    2. New Ships avalaible
      • New drops avalaible for the first time in a no-event map:
    3. Buffs to Equipment
    4. New BGMs
      • 'Musashi's Return to Base'
      • 'Akashi's Armory'
      • 'Grace of the Bushi's Soul' (will play in the new area)
    5. UI Changes
      • When equipment of the same kanmusu is changed more than once, the equipment list will stay on the last page opened rather than resetting to the first page.
      • Jukebox:
        • Now you can select wich song you want to be played in HQ main screen on the Jukebox.
          • Once you pay for listening to a song, a blue botton will appear to do this.
          • KanColle Vocal Collection's songs don't have this option.
          • Other BGM changer furniture has preference over Jukebox.
      • Now you can see the name of the current BGM played on HQ main screen in the Stats section.
    6. New Furniture
      • Musashi model dresser*1: 88000 coins
      • Thank you wallscroll*1: 0 coins
      • 1=When placed in the room, the BGM will change to 'Musashi's Return to Base'
      • In case of more than one BGM changer furniture, BGM changes to the last furniture you set.
    7. Furniture Changes
      • Jukebox:
        • More songs added to the Jukebox:
          • 'Akashi's Armory'
          • Default HQ Main Screen BGM
          • 'Winter's Sortie'- 2013 Winter event sortie BGM
          • 'Sea Patrolling Operation' - 1-5 sortie BGM
          • 'Recon Plane, Search for enemy ships' - 2014 Spring event sortie BGM
        • Reduced the coins needed for each song in the Jukebox.
      • Cypress Onsen Bath furniture will become fall themed
        • This is an automatic change and if you already own the item, you do not need to repurchase it.
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